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Sun Kingdom

The Sun Kingdom is a micronation in Germany Castrop-Rauxel It was formed on the 9.6.2019 and it was created as a Joke It is an absolute monarchy ruled by only one King and a President In its current State, It hasn't entered in any relations with other Countries or Organisations

Sun Kingdom
K├Ânigreich der Sonnen.pngAzure a salmon argent in full, per bend gules, over a bend argent.png

Boze Pravde
Castrop-Rauxel, Germany
Capital cityLukeville
Largest cityLiville
Official language(s)English,Serbian and German
Official religion(s)Serbian Orthodox
Short nameSK
- Vice-PresidentCar Konstantin
- PresidentLeontina
Population5 (as of 2019)
Time zoneGMT +2
National sportTug of War
National animalLion



The Name is based on the street where the Micronation was formed

Politics and government

Its government is ruled only by one King and a President

Law and order

Its Judicial System is mostly based on the German System but only with Minor changes one notable change is that every Citizen must Complete 6 Months of Army Service

Foreign relations

It hasn't entered in any relations with other Countries or Organisations


The Weaponry consists of some cheap BB Guns and a Jojo


Its Currency is the Euro

Culture and media

It Currently has no forms of Educations other than some ww2 books and a Computer, the official Languages are English, Serbian and German