Sultanate of Hakka

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Sultanate of Hakka
Flag of Hakka.pngHakkaCOA.jpg

Al-hryh, mn allah
(English: Freedom, from god)
A is for Allah (Unofficial)
New York, United States
Capital city New Palermo
Largest city New Palermo
Official language(s) English, Arabic, Hakkai
Official religion(s) Sunni Islam
Demonym Hakkai
Government Islamic anarcho-socialist theocratic semi-constitutional monarchy
- Sultan Yusuf Mehmed (only)
- Prime Minister Yeshua Yuda (first)
Yusuf Mehmed (last)
Legislature People's Council
Established June 25th, 2010 (Jackson Day)
Currency Barter, US dollar
Time zone EST
National animal Cat

The Sultanate of Hakka (in some records spelled Hacca or Hakkah) was founded on June 25th, 2010, by Sultan Yusuf Mehmed. It was the precursor to Tiana. In contrast to Tiana, Hakka was treated as greatly non-serious. Hakka was dominated by Islamic socialist politics.

Hakkai politics were dominated by two factions - the conservatives and reformists.

Claims to the throne

  • Sultan Yusuf Mehmed: Original sultan of Hakka. Seen as the legitimate Sultan by former Hakkai citizens. The House of Mehmed is recognized by the Tianan government as the sole legitimate claimants to the Hakkai throne.