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Flag33333333333 (2).png

à bas les hubs
Capital citySucon City
Largest citySucon City
Official language(s)English and french
Official religion(s)Catholic
Time zoneWAT
National sportFootball (soccer)
National animalMeerkat


Sucon is a micronation that was once ruled by Alexander Smith. in 2018 Alexander fled the nation after a communist uprising and left the Sucaflese in charge. The Sucaflese ultimately turned the nation communist and the nations name was changed to The Communist State of Sucon. A few months later Alexander saw what happened and signed a pact with Sucon that would turn them into a democracy and kick out the Sucaflese as ruling party and making them as the military. Sucon is now independent after Alexander Smith granted their requested to discard the Lurnex-Sucon pact.


Departure of Smith

With Alexander Smith forcefully leaving Sucon and going into hiding the Sucaflese had no choice but to take control of the crashing nation. The nation was turning its head to communism so the Sucaflese decided to change the ideology to communist. The Union of Stella Primum noticed this and held a meeting over discord. Alexander Smith, Thomas 'El-Tegani' Elliot and Keenan Carr along with the leader of the Sucaflese attended this meeting. Keenan requested that the state was to be colonised by the Kingdom of Tarvit but the Sucaflese turned it away and stated that they would declare war on the nation if they were to attempt to colonise them by force. Thomas Elliot leader of The Afrax colonial empire said he would puppet the state and place a Governor in charge. The Sucaflese also turned this down.

Communism Era

Communist State of Sucon flag

With Sucon fully establishing communism they changed their flag to represent the new ideology. The Sucaflese where proud to stabilise the country with an ideology that suits them. With the Communist Era beginning, Alexander Smith started the micro nation the Republic Of Lurnex. After the nation Lurnex was solidified, Alexander reached out to the Sucaflese stating that he wanted to boost democracy in Sucon. The Sucaflese said that if Alexander was to do this they would immediately declare war. Alexander then pulled out of negotiations with Sucon.

Communism Crash

on March 17, 2019 the Sucon economy began to crash. Poverty spread through the land and the banks were forced to close. With no money coming in or out the micro nation. Lurnex saw this as an opportunity and started promoting democracy in Sucon. This infuriated the Sucaflese and and they threatened to declare war on Lurnex. A day later Lurnex responded by saying war is not what they wanted but are willing to fight. When the news reached the Sucaflese people they were enraged and demanded that the communist Sucaflese were removed and a democratic party was put in place. When the Sucaflese realised that the nation were against them they decided to step down as leading party. With nobody leading the country Alexander Smith stepped in and colonised the nation. on the 20th of March Alexander decided to place Gregory Sigurd-son in charge of Sucon. The ideology was changed to democracy and Sucon was pupated by the Republic Of Lurnex.

Gregory Sigurd-Son

Gregory Sigurd-son is a member of the Lurnex National party and is the new Sucon head of state. He is in control of the country via the watchful eye of Lurnex and Alexander Smith. With Gregory now in charge he began funding the military. He firstly removed the communist military and placed in a new professional military under the same name. He sent the newly formed Sucaflese to a camp in Lurnex to be trained alongside the Lurnex military divisions. When at Lurnex they faught in the Lurnex, Afrax war but after one battle were sent home to Sucon. When the military returned Gregory set up a new training camp on the border of Sucon.


With Fascism on the rise in the Republic Of Lurnex, Gregory decided he would try go independent to avoid fascism spreading into Sucon. When Alexander Smith realised he would lose out to the fascists he granted Sucon independence to avoid the fascism up-rise. Gregory Sigurd-Son was elected president of Sucon on 01/4/2019 with a vote of 94% to 6%. upon being guaranteed independence, Gregory scrapped the military pact meaning the sucaflese forces would not fight alongside Lurnex Military anymore.