Suchos Armed Forces

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Suchos Armed Forces
Active 2012 – present
Country Pyrocardia
Commander Nathan Nadler-nir
Minister of Defence Nathan Nadler-nir
Level of Training Minimal
Weaponry Silurid Rod

The Suchos Armed Forces are the terrestrial military force of Pyrocardia. They have yet to see action against another nation, but they are willing and able to take on any threat to the nation. Their unofficial motto is Balls before Brain, displaying the core Pyrocardian quality of bravery over cowardice.

Silurid Rod

The Silurid (Sie-lue-rid) Rod is a symbol of belonging to the Pyrocardian military. The weapon is a one-handed wooden or bamboo rod that is highly customisable so show the individusality of the owner. There is one rule: no sharp implements. Any Suchos Marine found with a sharp Silurid will be forced to leave the military. The Silurid rod is named after the diverse Siluriformes family, also known as catfish. This reflects the variety of Silurid Rod designs.

Suchos Pledge

I swear to uphold Pyrocardian honour
And not stray from the light
I swear to not attack unarmed civilians
But achieve victory through annihilation
Bravery over Oppression
Peace through Victory