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Students' Democratic Republic of South Brussels

The Student's Democratic Republic of South Brussels (French: la Republique Democratique Etudiante du Sud de Bruxelles Dutch: het Leerlings Democratische Republiek van Zuid Brussel), is a socialist republic located in the south of Brussels. Established on the 21 of september 2011, the regime was despoted by the Anarcho-Capitalist Liberation Organisation of South Brussels in a coup d'état, after re-taking power the regime of the SDRSB directly decided to become more totalitarian against the enemies of the state. The SDRSB is a totalitarian single-party Stalinist republic and is considerd one of the most totalitarian micronations in the world. It is also the last micronation in Europe to have the death penalty and the human rights in the micronation are the lowest. Every sign of opposition is directly crushed.

Student's Democratic Republic of South Brussels
Flag of SDRSB.png

The internationale
Capital cityLenin-Stalin city
Official language(s)French, Dutch
Official religion(s)Secular
DemonymSouth Brusselian
GovernmentTotalitarian, single-party, Socialist Republic
- PresidentComrade nr1.
- Vice-PresidentComrade nr2.
- General Secretary of the CPSDRSBComrade nr1.
LegislaturePeople's Representative Assembly
Time zoneCET, rejects daylights savings

The ideology of the SDRSB is a mix of Stalinism, republicanism, radicalism, collectivism, communalism and Hoxhaism, it is called SOBRSO or (SouthBrusselsSocialism)but the government describes itself more Stalinist than anything else.


Former flag

The SDRSB was founded on the 21 september 2011 when the leader of the SDRSB and founder of the CPSDRSB, comrade nr.1 wanted to experiment his theory of SUBRSO and he was also bored as hell and didn't have anything to do. So he decided to experiment it in South Brussels because that is where he lives, South Brussels. After creating his own micronation he made a government and created his own political party, on the 21st of september 2011 at 8 o'clock pm he was ready to record an anouncment on his Ipod touch telling the masses that a new state was formed and that it was going to be the test place for experimenting SUBRSO. But before his anouncment the Anarcho-Capitalist Liberation Organisation of South Brussels burned down the government buiding and the headquarters of the CPSDRSB, after 13 days of total anarchy the ACLOSB chiefs were asleep and comrade nr.1 placed the Socialist red flag above his balcony which meant that the communists won the civil war. After that 13 day long anarchy where nobody lost their lives the leader of the SDRSB decided to make an anouncment and he did it which meant the start of an era of SOBRSO.