Student's State of Eresamia

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Student's State of Eresamia


Students of all Schools, Unite!
CapitalThe High School
DemonymEresamian (Formal)
Student (Informal)
Languages         English (Majority)
Spanish (Minority)

GovernmentSingle party Studentist State
- Head of State Principal Eren Lewis
- Head of Government General Secretary Eren Lewis

LegislatureStudent's Council

Established12th October, 2016


The Student's State of Eresamia was a micronation located in Western Massachusetts. It was founded on the 12th of October, 2016 by several students, after the 'Student's Revolution'. The SSE claimed the entirely of a school in Western Massachusetts, as well as large sections of land around that area. Much of Eresamia’s culture and government is based around its school-home. As of December 2018, the Students State of Eresamia is considered defunct.


The name 'Eresamia' comes from the cropping and reconstructing of the first names of the two founders, Eren Lewis and Samuel Tirell. The name originally propsed by Samuel had been 'Erestate', though Lewis changed it quickly to 'Eresamia'.


Eresamia was originally the Tsardom of New Elmhurst,which is often considered to be the Successor state to the short lived "State of New Elmhurst". It remained an independent state for three years, before being annexed by the Sorrenian Federation. After disagreements with the Sorrenian Federation, The Tsar abdicated, putting Eren Lewis in power. After a few months, Michael Thomas Brazeau, who had been the Tsar before Lewis, left New Elmhurst. In early autumn, New Elmhurst became a Kingdom, with Joseph Kennedy becoming the King. The King then appointed the former Tsar, Eren Scott, to the position of Governor-General.

Union with 9th Grade

On the 11th of December, Lewis, being leader of New Elmhurst and Absolute Ruler of the 9th Grade, a mostly-joke micronation, decided to merge the two states, forming the United Kingdom of New Elmhurst and the 9th Grade, shortened to UKNE. New Elmhurst was considered the largest, and most thriving at this point, its population reaching around 356.

Occupation of Berghav

In late March, Sean, a student that went to the same school as Eren Lewis formed an independent Micronation, the Kingdom of Berghav. Noticing that most of its citizens were also citizens of New Elmhurst, Lewis decided that he would attempt to pull the new state into New Elmhurst, claiming that it was land in a 'Greater New Elmhurst'. After Sean refused unification, Lewis, with the permission of the King, declared war on Berghav. The war was fought completely with boffers, or foam weapons. The New Elmhurstian forces for a majority of the occupation were armed with swords, though spears and axes stolen from the Berghavian forces were used later. The Berghavian forces had swords, axes, and spears. The New Elmhurstian forces defeated and occupied the Berghavians. The war lasted less than five hours, with the New Elmhurstian forces quickly breaking through the initial defenses of the Berghavians. The New Elmhurstians dug their way into Berghavian land, facing little resistance. As the New Elmhurstians approached the capital, the Berghavians became increasingly more savage, fighting their hardest against the New Elmhurstians. Unfortunately for them, the New Elmhurstian forces were unable to be stopped. Less than five hours after the invasion, the nation had been occupied, with King Sean being forced to surrender. Berghav was officially annexed as a province of New Elmhurst.

Civil War Threat

In June 2015, dissent against the Government and distaste for King Joseph was growing. Inactivity and low-moral were spreading throughout the nation, especially within the homeland and Berghav. With Revolutionary forces reforming in Berghav and a small group of Spiralists organizing against the Government, the threat of civil war grew. With summer approaching the Spiralists and other internal forces abandoned the idea of Revolution. The Berghavians, however, managed to occupy a large amount of their formal territory, declaring their independence. With the New Elmhurstian military too weak and demoralized to fight back, Berghav was declared an independent state once more.

Military Takeover and Civil War

In early August, the monarchy was dissolved in favor of a Military Government. The king stepped down and was made Vice President of a new military Junta, led by the President, Eren Scott.. For a few months the President ruled by decree. In September 2015, the President declared that New Elmhurst, in an attempt to increase activity, would become a democratic republic. Forces who had been loyal to the King, mostly high-ranking members of the military, attempted a coup against Lewis, successfully removing him from power. They claimed that Democracy had been a failure for New Elmhurst in the past, and would continue to be. As this happened, many revolutionary movements within New Elmhurst, mostly secessionist movements from several provinces, began to rise. The war only lasted around a week, with a monarchist-victory over the republicans. It was dubbed 'The September War' by those involved.


New Elmhurst was dissolved shortly after the September War due to inactivity, leaving most of the land that it had claimed either independent, such as the Spiralist state, or it had simply been returned to America.

The Student's Revolution of 2016

In 2016, Eren Lewis, along with a friend of his, led a 'revolution' against what they claimed to be 'oppressive forces'. Lewis and Tirell created their own "independent administration of the school, free from American and faculty-oppression." With the Student's Party leading the revolution, the land that was once New Elmhurst once again declared its independence from the United States. Lewis declared himself 'Principal', using the title often used by the administrators of schools, appointing his friend Samuel as 'Vice Principal'. Lewis quickly re-organised the remnants of the New Elmhurstian state, forming a new Government, which he called 'The Student's Council'. Lewis consolidated his power quickly and quietly, any dissent being crushed. It didn't take long for the new leader to begin consolidating his power. During a military expedition to Berghav, which ended in clashes with hostile forces, the Vice Principal disobeyed a command of surrender given by the Principal, going as far as to attack him. He fled before Eresamian, or Berghavian troops could reprimand him. Lewis declared Tirrell a traitor, stripping him of his position and exiling him on the spot. He was found hiding in the woods outside Berghav. He was given a military-trail, and officially removed from his position, his citizenship stripped. All the while, Lewis focused on strengthening his own political power, outmaneuvering any threats to him. Removing Tirell was an important step.

The Christmas Coup

On Christmas day, 2016, elements of the military and of the Student's Party launched a self coup d'etat against the elected body of the Student's Council. Led by the Principal himself, many factions of the Student's Party were purged, and the Student's Council was abolished. The Student's Party turned heavily towards a military-governed, authoritarian position, with many of the communistic asthetics of the party and nation being removed.As of Christmas of 2016, many of the limited civil and political rights that had been promised by the left wing government were removed. Most of the powers of high-ranking government were merged with the Principal's powers to create the position of President, essentially an all-powerful position of rulership. The nation's official name was soon changed to the 'Student's State of Eresamia'

Return to Studentism

In summer of 2018, protests were held by sections of the Eresamian population demanding a return to the socialistic, student its policies. The government, which had heavily stagnated, agreed, and held a meeting of the Student’s Council with large groups of Eresamian students observing. At this meeting, a new constitution was drafted and the government of Eresamia returned itself to the Studentist ideals it was founded on. The Studentist Party was re-founded as the “vanguard of the students and people of the nation in the struggle to create a student-led socialist state.” Eren Lewis, who had held dictatorial powers since the coup in the winter of 2016, was elected by a council of students to the position of Principal, as well as established as the General Secretary of the Students Party. Plans to re-form Eresamian culture and symbolism were then charted out for the coming fall.


The Government of Eresamia, as explained by Eren Lewis, is "a revolutionary government of the students. Under the organisation and leadership of the Student's Party, the Eresamian Government is an expression of the will of the students." The Eresamian Government would be described as a one party Dictatorship, with power resting in the hands of the leader. Eren Lewis serves as the absolute ruler of Eresamia, holding all executive, legislative, and judicial powers.


The Executive Branch of the Government is led by the President, who essentially rules by decree. The President holds a significant amount of power within the Government, holding the right to pass any law at any point, veto decisions made by the Student's Council, declare war on other nations, dismiss and appoint members of the Government, etc. The President is de-jure appointed by the Student's Council, and serves for life, until death or resignation, though there has been no official appointment of President as of the Christmas Coup. The Principal appoints a Vice President, who serves if the President cannot, and is in charge of the Military Police, the countries public, and secret police force. The Student's Council also elects a Speaker, who presides over the Student's Council, and is directly under the Vice President. All members of the executive branch must be active members of the Student's Party of Eresamia, or face prosecution.


The Legislative Branch of the Government is the Student's Council. The Student's Council is a semi-elected body of students who are tasked with creating and passing laws for the well-being of the students and nation. There are two branches in the Student's Council, the Council of Representatives, and the Council of Appointees. The Council of Representatives is made of Representatives of each 'crew', which are considered on the same level as a town in most nations. Each crew is allowed to elect two representatives to the Government. They make up a majority of the Student's Council. The Council of Appointees is made up of individuals appointed by the President. The Council of Appointees is a minority in the Student's Council, though has a considerably larger amount of power.


The Judicial Branch of the Government is the Student's Judicial Advisory Body. The SJAB is the highest court in Eresamia. The SJAB is made up of five Supreme Student Judges, each one of them appointed by the President himself. All legal issues are handled by the SJAB. The SJAB is considered the most powerful branch of the Government below the Executive, as if the President decides that the Student's Council is unneeded, the SJAB would become a temporary legislative body.



The culture of Eresamia is rather obviously based around schools, as the nation's claims are mostly the land in and around the school of it's leadership. Much of the Government is named after things commonly found in schools, such as the leader originally taking the title 'Principal', the legislative branch being called the 'Student's Council', etc. However, Eresamia is also considered to be a multi-cultural state, with people of all religions, races, and nationalities being a part of the population. Lewis, who has in the past been considered to be anti-multiculturalist, has been quoted saying "We'll wait and see" when asked about the issue.


Eresamia is dominated by English-speaking people, and as such English is the national language. However, spanish is a secondary language, and one taught by the school that the Eresamians claim. Many students speak spanish, may it be only a few words, or the entire language. However, Spanish is not used as an official language, and would never be seen on official documentation.


Spiralism is technically the official religion of Eresamia, as it was in New Elmhurst. Eren Scott is 'culturally Spiralist', and says that the Nation follows that example. Eresamia claims the land that was once called 'The Kingdom of the Spiral', and is considered to be the political and religious center of Spiralists. Spiralism is not enforced as a religion, and the country is considered to be rather lenient when it comes to freedom of religion.


The Eresamian Military is one of the strongest institutions in Eresamia. Armed with Airsoft guns and boffers, the Eresamian Armed Forces are considered extremely active outside the borders of Eresamia. Throughout the summer of 2016, the forces that would organised as the Eresamian Army were involved in a long and brutal war with forces within the school, fighting several skirmishes with them in the streets of the town surrounding the school, as well as the homes of some of the combatants. The Armed Forces base their ranking off of the United States Military. The President is considered the 'Supreme Commander' of the Eresamian Armed Forces.

Foreign Relations

Recognised; no relations

Full diplomatic relations

  • RedFlag.png Kingdom of Berghav
  • Questionmark.png Jonahburg