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County of Stravinia
Stravinia Flag.png
Stravinian COA.png
Coat of arms

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.

Be Embraced, You Millions!
by Johann Strauss II
Esse map.png
Map of the Essian Commonwealth
(Stravinia shown, far right)

Capital cityOzryn
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Syncretism
Short nameStravinia
DemonymStravinian, Essian
GovernmentEssian county
- MonarchHIllM Lord Henry
- WardenAlexander Gibbs
Established31 March 2017
Time zoneUCT-6:00

The County of Stravinia is an administrative division in the Essian Commonwealth, founded in March 2017 as a territorial micronation with territories in North America, as well as a virtual claim on Minecraft. Stravinia was a unicameral parliamentary democracy headed by a Prime Minister, founded on 31 March 2017 by Alexander Gibbs. Stravinia was a member of two micronational organizations: the Micronational Virtual Football Federation, and the Grand Unified Micronational. The Federal Republic of Stravinia also sponsored the Altera Minecraft Server and the Micronational Historical Society website.

Stravinia officially dissolved on 26 June 2017, and shortly after was annexed by the Essian Commonwealth as a county.


The name Stravinia originates from Stravinsky and the Latin suffix -ia, and was adopted at the foundation of the Federal Republic. The name Stravinia is a tribute to the 20th-century Russian-born composer, Igor Stravinsky, which was then feminized into Stravinia by the use of the use of the prefix -ia.


Federal Republic

The provisional government, consisting of Alexander Gibbs and a small council, began work on the constitution in the later days of the month of March, 2017. After much discussion, the constitution was approved and signed by Alexander Gibbs on 31 March 2017 at 4:53PM CDT, officially declaring Stravinia a parliamentary democracy. Precisely one minute after the signing of the constitution, Alexander Gibbs signed PG-002, more commonly known as the Provisional Government Dissolution Act. The stated purpose of the act was "Dissolving the provisional government created with the purpose of constituting the Federal Republic of Stravinia."

Within hours of the signing of the constitution, the federal government passed three other laws: the Federal Bill Formatting Standards Act, the Federal Outreach Act, and the Ministry of State Activation Act, officially activating the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the Ministry of State. The government of Stravinia did not activate the Ministry of Armed Forces, or appoint a Minister of the Armed Forces until ce into tthe Second Session of the First Parliament, due to the government's stance opposing military conflict.

During the first month of Stravinia's existence, the Federal Government maintained a an unwritten quasi-isolationist stance, communicating with other micronations, but refusing to sign any treaties. Stravinia effectively ended this policy when Alexander Gibbs, the Prime Minister of Stravinia, proposed the Treaty of Mutual Recognition between Esse and Stravinia on 8 May 2017. Stravinia opened relations with several other micronations over the course of its history, such as the Kingdom of Coria, Khanate of Nedland, and Abeldane Empire.

Essian county

Several weeks after Stravinia's acceptance into the Grand Unified Micronational, Stravinia began to be less and less active in its dealings. By July 2017, Alexander Gibbs agreed to have Stravinia annexed by the nation's first and closest ally, the Essian Commonwealth. This became official on 19 July 2017.

Gibbs was shortly after appointed the county's Warden.

Government and politics

Federal Republic

Stravinia's government was a parliamentary democracy with clear separation of powers between the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. The Constitution, Stravinia's supreme legal document, was based loosely on the Constitution of Australia, though it contained various distinctions. The greatest distinction was arguably Stravinia's unicameral parliament, contrasting Australia's bicameral parliament.

The Parliament consisted of two representatives per territory, as well as the Prime Minister. Members of Parliament served terms of six months, and were elected by each territory in any democratic way the territory chooses, such as general election, or caucus.

The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Stravinia was elected by general election, and served a term of one year. If the Prime Minister was removed from office for any reason, the Parliament selected the new Prime Minister. As well as being the head of the Executive Government and all its ministries, the Prime Minister also presided over the Parliament and summoned members of Parliament whenever it is deemed necessary.

Essian county

Administrative divisions have limited authorities - unless given more autonomy by the Constitutional court - regarding self-governance. Counties, the highest level of administrative division in the Essian Commonwealth, are each granted a Warden to represent them in the Parlamenzalochas, though they are given nothing more than this in terms of autonomy.

Foreign relations

Foreign relations with the Federal Republic of Stravinia were maintained by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Though the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was appointed a minister, the Prime Minister was the de jure Chief Diplomat, and traditionally presided over all diplomatic correspondence.

Nations that were recognized by Stravinia upon foundation

Bilateral Recognition


Although created by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Stravinia, the Ministry of Armed Forces served no purpose until the Second Session of the First Parliament, when Member of Parliament Daniel Hardin proposed the Ministry of Armed Forces Activation Act of 2017. This act, often referred to as the MAFAA or FG-2017-006, stated that the Ministry of Armed Forces would begin performing its duties in a strictly ceremonial capacity.

Land and geography

Claims by the Federal Republic of Stravinia were divided into territories, each with their own independent territorial governments. A similar system has been adopted since Stravinia's cession to the Essian Commonwealth. There is currently one territory in Stravinia, Ozryn, however there is one historical county from the days of the Federal Republic.


A photograph from the summit of Pilot Rock.

The first and capital territory, Ozryn, is located in North America. The Territory of Ozryn is approximately one square mile, and is located approximately fifty miles north of Nashville, Tennessee. Ozryn consists of one city: the capital, which shares the same name as the territory.


Petrushka Mansion: a farmhouse in Igora.

The newest territory in Stravinia, Igora, was also Stravinia's only virtual claim. Igora existed entirely on Altera, the micronational Minecraft server sponsored by Stravinia.

The inclusion of Igora as a territory was controversial, with some members of Parliament arguing that Stravinia should not include virtual claims as authentic territory. Other members of Parliament disagreed, arguing that virtual claims on mediums such as Minecraft provide the opportunity for micronational commerce and a more visual form of claims. After deliberation, Parliament agreed to admit Igora as a territory under the condition that Igora did not receive parliamentary representation, citing Igora's lack of a permanent population.

Economy and culture

The Stravinian economy is divided between the private and state sectors, with almost all services being managed under the executive government, with parliamentary regulation. Stravinia's economy mainly consists on the manufacture of incense and incense holders, though these products are not exported at this time. Stravinia also produces a small amount of fruits and vegetables: primarily peaches and tomatoes.

Though Stravinia is surrounded completely by the United States, citizens generally reject common American ideologies and religions, instead seeking personal development. Stravinians are typically spiritual rather than religious, though there are no state-supported religious institutions. Spiritual practices are common, with citizens often taking pilgrimages to the summit of Pilot Rock, a local landmark known for its scenic view, in order to meditate and reflect. Most Stravinians identify as Syncretists, forming their own views based on their individual experiences.

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