Straight Anarcho-Communist Party (Paragay)

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Straight Anarcho-Communist Party of Paragay
El Partido Anarcocomunista Hetero de Paragay
First and Illustrious Straight Among EqualsAlexander Plotonia
Founded25 March 2020
Membership  (2020)1
Political positionFar left
National affiliationPeople's Alliance
Official coloursDark Red

The Straight Anarcho-Communist Party (Spanish: El Partido Anarcocomunista Hetero) is a far left party in Paragay. It is the sole straight party to be a member of the People's Alliance, the Alliance led by Andrew West's governing party, the Equality Party. The Straight Anarcho-Communist Party seeks mainly to bring a left wing voice to straight politics in the nation, a space previously dominated completely by the Straight Liberation Party.