Stokehill Republic

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The Stokehill republic is a state established in 2018, claiming the area of Stoke Hill. The state is governed by 6 representatives, the MP3's. Stokehill is rather diplomatic, having an embassy in the state of [Jeffland] & the United Kingdom.


Early Prehistory

The Stoke Hill area was,and still is,a strategic spot. If a cannon is placed near Mincinglake Park, all of Exeter can be destroyed. Oliver Cromwell, when invading Exeter, a royalist stronghold, situated his camp at that very spot. Even the Roman's recognized the usefulness of Stoke Hill and placed a fort at the summit. The Stoke Hill only really ends at Stoke Canon, meaning Stoke Hill Road is the longest road in Exeter.

Late Prehistory

Stoke Hill means the daughter settlement on a hill in Old English (according to Longman, Settlement Patterns by JA Everson & B P FitzGerald). Once, Exeter was a tiny city. It didn't expand beyond it's city walls. Green valley & hill surrounded and the Exe slowly snaked by. Stoke Hill was a mile or so away. But in the 1980's Stoke Hill was incorporated into the City of Exeter. But the boundaries of this predator city stop at the summit of the hill. This will forever be the northern boundary of Exeter.


At Stoke Hill Junior school, in November 2017, 2 friends created Bayaken. Bayaken had a currency, a geographical association, a system of roads, a declaration of independence & a cabinet of ministers. But, Bayaken had no land, being an imaginary world. But now, land was needed, urgently. And the land was found: a bush. Danil , one of the founders was proclaimed Chief General as award for this great find. Citizenship was now 12 and growing...

Coup d'état

In Exeter snow falls extremely rarely. But in Winter 2018, 12cm of snow fell in Stoke Hill 2 times. On the first snow, a fortress was built out of the aforementioned snow to control the boundaries of Bayaken. But in the devastating [Snow War of 2018], it was destroyed. Slowly, the leader, Mike, was governing more and more poorly,so, the Chief general and the Minister for Sport staged a successful Coup d'état. The Republic of Bayaken was now led as a military dictatorship.

Founding of the Stokehill Republic

Bayaken retreated back into it's preceding status of fictional country in May 2018. The short-lived Republic of Lydia was created to control the land claims of Bayaken, but on the 18th May 2018, it fell. On the 19th May, at 7:30AM Greenwich Time, Stokehill Republic was proclaimed.