Station of Cimares

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Station of Cimares
(Furlan) Cimares Südbahnhof
Station's building
Opened July 2010
Railway Trans-Yunivers Railway
Town Santissima, community of Cimares
Platforms 4 (only 1 used)
Tracks 2
Country Yunivers
Operator YRC
Previous Station Cimares Depot
Cimares Hauptbahnhof
Next Station Bridge on the Gerchia

The station of Cimares is a railway station of the Trans-Yunivers Railway (checkpoint 1+6), opened in 2010.


The current building was converted from an old barn, and is located 1.5 km north of the old station (now abandoned) which was located in a former railhouse, which has operated until 2010. In July 2010 works for the renovation of the new station have been completed.
As the railway closed in 2019, the station was closed too and the ownership of the building was transferred to the Governatorate's Department of Economic Services, waiting to be reassigned for a new purpose.


The station hosted the office for the control of the movement at the ground floor, and also a waiting room with ticket machine. Upstairs, the old warehouse, was converted into a room that was not fully restored for lack of funds. The station coordinates the occasional movement of the whole line. It was served by 4 tracks, two of which are truncated in the direction of Mizzari. 1 line track and 1 priority track, unusable for failure of the switch, which will be replaced in the future.


The station is equipped with ACC (Apparato Controllo Circolazione, Traffic Control System) terminal connected to the SCC (Sistema Controllo Compiuterizzato, Computerized Control System) central system of Cimares Depot.