States of New Canada

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States of New Canada
New Canada Union Flag.pngNew Canada COA.png

Forever free
Forever New Canada

Map of New Canada.png
Location of New Canadian claims in green.
Capital cityNewport
Largest cityTampa
Official language(s)English, Macedonian, Catalan, Russian, Daltonese, Albanian, Yeni-Azerbaijaniese, Greek (regional)
DemonymNew Canadian
GovernmentConfederate Republic.¹
- PresidentRilgar Ompastre
LegislatureNew Canadian council
Population4,427,100 (approximate)
CurrencyWilliamsian Pound
Time zoneGMT and BST
National drinkPG Tips Tea
National animalDragon and Eagle
¹Government types vary for the indervidual governments of the Constituent Countries of New Canada.

The States of New Canada is large micronation formed in 2012 by Prince Jordan

of Wisteria-Williamsia. 'New Canada is made up of seven countries: Wisteria-Williamsia, Dalton-Arika, Empire of Los Angeles, Kulland, Marsa, Merica and Hillsborough.

The countries of New Canada are still individual countries. However they share a common government and set of law's that apply to each country. As well as this, all of the New Canadian countries share the same currency, the Williamsia Pound. Since New Canada controls the foreign affairs of each country in New Canada, they all share a common set of Diplomatic Relations and all of the countries of New Canada use the New Canadian passport. The constituent countries each have theor own army, navy and airforce, however the are each sub-sections of the New Canadian Ministery of defense, along with the New Canadian central army, navy and airforce. New Canada is run like a confederation. The first New Canadian constitution was adopted on the 6th of July 2012. It is essentialy a Soverign Confederate Republic which grants its members greater cultural status as opposed to other Confederations or Unitary States.


The "New Canada" name had been used as early as 2006, when Zachary Vercetti founded a micronation in North America under the name "FR New Canada ". Following a coup d'état it went defunct in 2008 and was no longer seen again. Little is known about this micronation, since the rulers had left MicroWikia in January 2008 during MicroWiki's TalliniEra (2006-2008) and there seems to be no connection between the old micronation and the current micronation.
However the current micronation happened when Williamsia was re-established on MicroWiki by Prince Jordan, however there was little activity and most of the pages were of poor quality and no longer existed. To increase the activity of the Wiki, Prince Jordan sent requests of a micronational merger to several micronations, including the Democracy of Grum, Dalton (Now Dalton-Arika), and the Kingdom of Rosettia (now the Empire of Los Angeles). The latter two accepted, and formed a nebulous union.

A New Canadian 1 Williamsian pound coin.

Rosettia split in two between The Original Kingdom, a diarchy ruled by King Ronnie I and Acting Queen Sandra I, and the Empire, ruled by the former queen and now empress Monique I. The split was allegedly caused by King Ronnie giving power to the citizens, rather than ruling with an iron fist as Queen Monique intended.The civil war in the Kingdom of rosettia was further intensified when the Republic of Rosettia split from the Kingdom. Both the Rosettian Empire and Republic were officially part of New Canada, however Empress Monique and Prsident Sandavol never confirmed this andthe Republic collapsed in June of 2012 while the Empire collapsed in July 2012.

In the first few months, little activity was being made to New Canada. However Rilgar Ompastre and Prince Jordan designed new symbols, made several laws, strengthened the government. New Canada also joined Intermicronational Organisations.

Princess Katie of Wisteria-Williamsia then recreated the now defunct Freedonia. This then became the fourth country to join New Canada. Shortly after, the nation of Kulland, an early incarnation of Dalton was restored as fifth country. Wisteria, then broke away from Williamsia, and became the sixth country of new Canada. However Wisteria then was annexed with Williamsia again becoming Wisteria-Williamsia. Dalton was then annexed with the Elefthfrian state of Arika, creating Dalton-Arika which was the successor state of Dalton in the States of New Canada.

On the sixth of July 2012 New Canada adopted its first constitution setting up a national government. New Canada elected its first president Rilgar Ompastre and he took office on the first of August 2012.

The territory of Freedonia was made into New Kosovo after the war. It was divided into six "sectors", each controled by a different nation.
Freedonia claimed Cwmbran, (Marked in red). This was the cause of the Civil War.

On the 19th July 2012 the New Canadian Civil War occurred, this was caused by a border dispute between Wisteria-Williamsia and Freedonia. Wisteria-Williamsia won the war and claimed Freedonia's former territory. This was then split into 6 section and formed a kingdom currently known as New Kosovo. Marsa was created by Princess Katie on the 20th July 2012 to replace the defunct Freedonia in New Canada. Minaja currently does not have any land, however it has adopted the New Canadian currency, The Williamsian Pound.

Merica joined New Canada on the 21st July 2012 becoming the Sixth Country. The Republic of Hillsborough joined New Canada shortly after Merica.

Grunkia joined New Canada on August 27, 2012.

Constituent Countries of New Canada

Constituent Countries of New Canada
Flag Coat of Arms Countries Conventional Long Name Countries Conventional Short Name Date of establishment National Anthem Capital Leader Population
1 Wisteria.png Williams.png Wisteria-Williamsia Wisteria

12th July 2012 {C}(Annexed)

Hey Slavs Newport Prince Jordan (approx) 46000
2 Flag of St. Robertsburg.png The Old Guard (Coat of Arms).png Dalton-Arika Dalton 4th July 2012


Ƌaltski Maržet


Rilgar Ompastre

(approx) 137
3 200px-USA Flag Pre-War.png MENDOZA-FAMILY-CREST----MENDOZA-COAT-OF-ARMS-jpg-qpps 579567253827292.LG.jpeg Empire of Los Angeles Los Angeles, Empire of LA 15th May 2012 If We Hold on Together Chatsworth Ronnie Mendoza


4 80px Kulland coat of arms.png Kulland Kulland 23rd May 2012 - Gaterburg Alfie Lait 5
5 Wisterian Flag.png 80px Marsa Marsa 20th July 2012 Bruno Mars - Just the way you are Marsa

Queen-Princess Katie

6 Flag of Merica.png Merica seal.gif Republic of Merica Merica 21st July 2012 - Swindon William Wade & James Greathead 2235200
7 Flag of St. Petersburg, Florida.gif Hillsborough County Fl Seal.jpg Republic of Hillsborough Hillsborough 21st July 2012 - Clearwater Ivan Abernathy


(round to 2145800)

List of Foreign Relations

A list of Allies, Diplomatic Relations, and Informal Relations of New Canada.


Diplomatic Relations

Relations to be Categorised

Trade Agreements

Member Micronational Organisations

New Canada as a whole nations is a member of several political orginisations. However the Constituent Countries are allowed to join cultural and geogrpahical orginisations as indervidual entities.

Former Members of