State of New Polis

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State of New Polis

Languages spoken English

Area 3000m2

Jurisdiction New Polis Authority
Governor Alberto Kanost

Inhabitants (de facto) 3

Foundation April 11, 2011

The State of New Polis was formed in April 2011. It became a area of expansion for the People's Republic of Richland and set up several establishments. Currently Alberto Kanost is governor and serves to represent his state in the Governors Council. It has also been the first Richland Liberation Army military engagement.

New Polis Authority

The New Polis Authority is the governing body of the New Polis. Its administrative office is located on Cella area. The New Polis Authority is headed by Governor Alberto Kanost and oversees the States development. As governor he can represent the State by attending Governors Council meetings.

Economic Production

New Polis boost Industrial and Agriculture production. The State of New Polis has a small garden for citizen usage. The garden currently grows tomatoes and beans. New Polis also has a Ikon Brewing Plant where the main production of Ikon is made.

Areas or Places of Interest


Cella features many establishments and is the main hub of activity in New Polis, It currently houses a bank, a bar and the State Office.

Central Exchange

The Central Exchange is the PRRs premiere bank. It holds a considerable amount of the National Reserves Silver and currently has 6 accounts and over 15 transactions every month. The current Manger of the Bank is Alberto Kanost.

Officers Club

The Officers club is lounge for high ranking officials to relax and talk. It features some of the most expansive Ikon. There are also some games to play.