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#REDIRECT [[List of short films released in New Eiffel]]
'''''Star Warz: The Stranded Sith''''' is a [[2020]] [[New Eiffel]]ic [[w:space opera|space opera]] [[w:parody|parody]] [[w:short film|film]] directed and written by [[Joost Smith]], and co-directed and produced by brother [[Zarel Smith]], who was also the film editor. It is the second prequel in the ''[[Star Warz]]'' film franchise and [[Star Warz#Film|''Star Warz'' main trilogy]] of the "[[Star Warz#Film|Pawn Cho series]]", and is also a sequel to the [[2019]] ''[[Star Warz: The Stone Age]]'', taking place three years after in a year called [[Star Warz Universe|17 BBJ]], fourteen years before ''[[Star Warz: Episode I - The Second to Last Jed-Eye]]'' ([[2018]]). The film follows a younger Jed-Eye [[Pawn Cho]] who gets help from the [[w:Bounty hunter|bounty hunter]] [[Sal Sestis]] after Cho finds out that following his escape from [[Avlarva-5]], Sith apprentice [[Daft Ragus]] managed to build a ship and track down Cho's planet, and is now tracking down Cho for revenge.
Based on an idea by Zarel Smith months before filming began, the plot was developed on 25 March 2019 after the release of ''Star Warz: The Stone age''. Filming for the scenes set three years earlier than the rest of the film took place between 8–9 July. [[w:Principal photography|Principal photography]] began on 14 April 2020 at [[New Eiffel School]] in [[Új Repülő]], and wrapped on 17 April, the same day the film was exported to be edited.
''Star Warz: The Stranded Sith'' was released by [[Z&jProductions]] in [[New Leeds]] on 21 April 2020. It received mixed reviews, with praise for its acting, story, set design and tone, but criticism for its underdeveloped characters and lack of sound mixing, soundtrack and visuals.
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