Star Warz: The Stone Age

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Star Warz: The Stone Age
Directed byZarel Smith
jOOST Smith
Written byZarel Smith
jOOST Smith
StarringjOOST Smith
Zarel Smith
CinematographyZarel Smith
jOOST Smith
Edited byZarel Smith
Release date
25 March 2019
Running time
6 minutes
CountryNew Eiffel

Star Warz: The Stone Age is 2019 New Eiffelic space-opera parody film, and first prequel in the Star Warz film franchise, as well as the first prequel in the Star Warz main trilogy of the "Pawn Cho series". The film takes place in a year called 20 BBJ, seventeen years before Star Warz: Episode I - The Second to Last Jed-Eye.

The film was released on 25 March 2019 by Z&jProductions.


Jed-Eye Padawan Pawn Cho and Sith Apprentice Daft Ragus both crash-land on the planet Avlarva-5 while trying to shoot down each other's spaceships. They eventually end up battling.


The film only has two characters, Pawn Cho (played by Zarel Smith), and Daft Ragus (played by jOOST Smith).



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