St.Charlian order of precedence

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The St. Charlian order of precedence lists the ceremonial order for domestic and foreign government officials, military and civic leaders at diplomatic, ceremonial, and social events within St. Charlie and abroad.

Details as of June, 2013

  1. Federal President (James Lunam)
  2. President of the Parliament (Alice Gautier)
  3. Prime Minister (Alexander Eastwood)
  4. First Ambassador and First Judge of the Supreme Court (Alexander Reinhardt)
  5. Deputy Prime Minister (Nicolò Alvisi)
  6. Governor
    1. Governor of Tor Pendente (Filippo Lanzarini)
    2. Governor of New Branson (Barbara Ruvolo)
    3. Governor of Caroline Charlotte (Leonard Von Sternberg)
    4. Governor of Greater Ridgeway (Annabelle Pincer)
    5. Governor of Koss (Luiza Portes)
    6. Governor of Atlantis (Flavio Beninati)
  7. Ministers
    1. Secretary of Treasury (Athlon Strauss)
    2. Chief of Staff of the SCAF (Christian Guariberti)
    3. Minister of Home Affairs (Sante Carbone)
    4. Minister of Justice (Nicolò Alvisi)
    5. Minister of Education (Alexander Eastwood)
  8. Member of the General Assembly
  9. Ambassador
  10. Attorney-General of Federation
  11. Major
  12. Member of a loca assembly
  13. Rector
  14. General