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The County consists of:
*'''Memphis''' proper, the most popular meeting place for Orlians, immediately south of the Cascade. The focal point of Memphis proper are some boulders under a tree, used as a throne by Calum I. Next to this tree is Esmond's Tree, which is somewhat taller, and named after [[Esmond III, Emperor of Austenasia|Emperor Esmond III]] in honour of his frequently successful attempts to climb it. The thick branches of Esmond's Tree are used for shelter by Orlians during rain.
*The '''Cascade''' (commonly known as '''the Waterfall''') is a 1.5m high waterfall in the River Wandle in the north of the Grove, spanned by a nearby bridge. It has been ornamental in design since a reconstruction in the 1960s, its original purpose being to create a head of water to power the nearby Upper Mill.
*'''Ricecake Woods''' is a wooded area to the east of Memphis proper.
*The '''Manky Pond''' is a stagnant area of water by the Upper Mill.
*An un-named field borders the Wandle, just to the south of the Manky Pond.

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