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Ministry of Environment (Florenia)

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The '''Ministry of Defense''' of Florenia is the government ministry responsible for environmental protection and environmental affairs. Founded by an Act of Parliament on 20 September 2013, the ministry runs administrates and manages the National Parks protected areas of Florenia, of which there is currently one, Eran I National Park. The Minister of Environment is appointed by the [[Prime Minister of Florenia|Prime Minister]], and is in charge has the responsibility of general administration of and directs the ministryMinistry. The first and incumbent minister is [[Prince Henry of Florenia|The Prince Henry]], who was appointed by Prime Minister [[Prince Nathan of Florenia|The Prince Nathan]] on 29 December 2013. The Prince Nathan has also allocated the responsibility of enforcing hunting and fishing laws to the Ministry of Environment. Florenia has specific hunting and fishing regulations, which ban hunting entirely, along with mass fishing. Individuals may only kill three fish annually, and must do so with proper permits. The Ministry also has the responsibility of preventing deforestation, improper disposal of waste, and contamination of a water source or water supply. Scientific experiments regarding the environment must also be approved by the Ministry. {{Florenia}}