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{{Infobox nation
|name = Kingdom of Yeesland
|religions =
|established = Day 166. 2017 (3<sup>rd</sup> 3rd of September 2017)
|area =
|population_notes =
'''Yeesland''', officially the ''Kingdom of Yeesland'' is a modern self declared non-territorial micronation founded 3<sup>rd</sup> 3rd september 2017,by <i>''Singing Blackbird</i>'', the king of Yeesland. This is the first ''"slow nation"''.
==History ==
Kingdom of Yeesland was established on the Day 166. 2017 (3<sup>rd</sup> of September 2017) by ''Singing Blackbird''.
On the Day 239. Yeesland has a Flag and Anthem. National Gallery established on the Day 340. 2017. The King donated some pictures from his own collection to the Gallery.
<i>''Singing Blackbird</i>'', the king of Yeesland.
Yeesland has no de Jure national language, but it has the de Facto national language of English. Hungarian and French are also spoken.
== External Links links ==* [ Kingdom of Yeesland - Official site]