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Anglestonian-Pecunian Commonwealth

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|established = 12th October 2016
|area = 125 yds² approx
|population = 19 22 (0 permanent residents)
|currency = UK Pound Sterling
|time_zone = GMT
Subsequently, the British Empire is at war with ISIS.
The Empire has declared the President of the United States as a fascist and is opposed to many American policies. However, they have not voiced opposition to the United States itself.
The British Empire's culture is almost identical to British Culture. The Empire aims to have intensely British culture, to a point where British culture in the empire is more prominent than in most of the UK itself. The British Empire's culture is noticeably old fashioned, with Imperial Units and pre-decimal coins being used.
The Empire is overwhelmingly Englishmostly British, as all of its citizens live in the North East of Englandalthough there is a Pakistani population.However, some citizens have ancestry/joint nationality with other countries such as Irish and Japanese
English is the main language, as all citizens of the empire are English and thus speak English fluently
Welsh is an official language but nobody in the Empire is fluent in it. It is rarely used but has been used on a British Empire Web article (with an English version below) articles and in the Anglestonian motto "Anglestonia Y Gwan Ond Balch" (Anglestonia the weak but proud). The Languages act establishing it as an official language
has a Welsh translation on it.
Ages The median age of citizens range from 11 to of the British Empire is between 16 and 17 with , as this age group makes up the majority being 16of the population.

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