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*'''Deputy Secretary for Diplomacy''': H.S.H. Clément, Prince of [[Consulat of Surland|Principality of Surland]]
*'''Deputy Secretary for Culture and for the development of francophony''': H.E. Olivier de Constance Yannick Beuvelet ([[Principality citizen of the principalities of Austrasia an of Aigues-Mortes]])
*'''Deputy Secretary for Environment and sustainable development''': H.E. Dominic Desaintes, President-Minister of [[Valinois—Saint-Castin|Saint-Castin]] (acting)
*'''Deputy Secretary for Human rights''': H.S.H. Vincent (Vincent Merchadou-Schmitt), Prince of [[Principality of Hélianthis|Hélianthis]]
Currently, the OMF has 13 14 full members and 2 observers.
* Fishtown Newport Territory
* [[Principality of Hélianthis]]
* [[Juclandia]]
* [[Republic of Padrhom|Republic of Padrhom]]
* [[State of Sandus|State of Sandus]]

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