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|official_name = ArkExampleville|nickname = "The Education City"|motto =
|image_skyline = Example.jpg
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|image_caption = Example image caption
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|image_map = Example.jpg
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|coordinates_region = EG
|subdivision_type = City
|subdivision_name = Government of Example
|subdivision_type1 =
|subdivision_name1 =
|subdivision_type2 =
|subdivision_name2 =
|leader_title = Leader title
|leader_title1 = |leader_title2 = |leader_title3 = |leader_title4 = |leader_name = Example Leader|leader_name1 = |leader_name2 = |leader_name3 = |leader_name4 = |established_title = |established_date = 31 jan 2013 |area_magnitude = |area_total_km2 = 1 March 2000<!-- DO NOT USE ANYTHING OTHER THAN NUMBERS HERE -->|area_total_sq_mi = |area_total_km2 area_land_km2 = |area_land_sq_mi = 850 Square Meters|area_water_km2 = |area_water_sq_mi = |area_water_percent = |area_urban_km2 = |area_urban_sq_mi = |area_metro_km2 = |area_metro_sq_mi = |settlement_type = City <!-- Anything will work here - it shows up in the blue bar at the top -->|population_as_of = 2018|population_note = |population_total = 581|population_density_km2 = 1|population_density_sq_mi = |population_metro = |population_density_metro_km2 =|population_density_metro_sq_mi =|population_urban = |timezone = UTCUTC7|utc_offset = |timezone_DST = |utc_offset_DST = |latd= |latm= |lats= |latNS=|longd= |longm= |longs= |long|elevation_m = |elevation_ft = |website = |footnotes = 2500 MSNM
'''ArkExampleville''' is the capital city of the Republic of Range, it is also the biggest city was founded on Range.<i>((INSERT FOUNDATION DATE & OTHER GENERAL OVERVIEW INFORMATION HERE))</i>.
<i>The city was founded by George, it have been ((INSERT A SHORT HISTORY OF YOUR CITY [i.e. a lot of specifications in the ancient times. It tells that Drug Addictsfew important events]))</i> ==Government==<i>((INSERT INFORMATION ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT TYPE, which go through the Jameshill ForestLEADER, come to attack the city. Even some guerrillas from other migrations. This need to create a special protection to the city. The president created walls for defending the city. This made new defenses and the army could have more defenses for defending the capital cityETC. ))</i>
==Climate & Geography==
<i>The climate is cold((INSERT INFORMATION ABOUT THE CLIMATE, and its biome is forestGEOGRAPHY, ETC. The jameshill forest is a very important area. The Ark Walls also protects the outskirts of Ark))</i> ==Culture==<i>((INSERT INFORMATION ABOUT LANDMARKS, ATTRACTIONS, it is normally used for protecting places as the San Jose MinesINSTITUTIONS, and the John MountETC.))</i>
==See also==
<i>[[w:Republic of Range|Republic of Range]]((INSERT A FEW PAGES RELATED TO THIS PAGE HERE))</i> ==External links==<i>((FAIRLY SELF-EXPLANATORY))</i>