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Barony of Rosewood

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Rosewood shares was part of the early history historic fishing, hunting, and gathering territory of the other parts [[w:Duwamish|Duwamish]] Native American tribe. With the 1855 Treaty of ÜberstadtPoint Elliott, having originally been settled by White loggers in The United States government assumed control of the nineteenth centuryregion. The first American to own the land on which that would become Rosewood sits was once part Rudolph Ledig, who had a 160-acre homestead that also encompassed [[Creekbed Colony]]. The land had several different owners over the next several decades, including John Ault, a 19th Century local politician. Under the ownership of an airstrip used during World War IIone M.S. The Royal Residency McCormick, who owned 5 acres on the northwest corner of the original claim, the land was built during either not sold to the 1950s or 1960s in growing housing development called Mountlake Terrace, which almost totally enclosed the wake McCormick land. This parcel became part of the postwar baby boomnew city of Mountlake Terrace in 1954, and was finally sold to a developer called Sharlane in 1960 to be divided into 20 quarter-acre lots with single-family homes. It  Rosewood was purchased by King Adam's expectant parents in 1994, and has been the monarch's home since. The grounds of the house have been supplemented over the years by assorted gardens and outbuildings, and the Residency itself was expanded over several years during the 2000s to its present size and layout. It was annexed by Überstadt and made its capital in 2013.