Spaldian language

Spaldian (spaldsk) is an West Germanic language spoken mainly in Western New York. The language is similar to English, as it has similar linguistic typology and vocabulary. Icelandic and Norwegian influences can be seen in the language as well.

Spaldia Flag.png
Regulated bySpaldsk komunitê
Spoken inWestern New York
Total speakers2-5 people (2018)
Influenced byEnglish, Norwegian, Icelandic
Writing system(s)Latin

Spaldian has one official writing system, Latin and was named after Clan Spalding.

Linguistic Classification

Spaldian belongs to the Anglo-Frisian languages.



Writing Systems

Spaldian is officially to be written with the Latin alphabet.



The Spaldian alphabet uses the Latin alphabet and consists of 27 letters. Each letter has an upper case and a lower case form.

a b c d ð e f g h i j k l m n o p r s ß t þ u v æ ø å

The letters c, q, w, x, y, and z are only used in loanwords. As loanwords are assimilated into Spaldian, their spelling might change to reflect Spaldian pronunciation and the principles of Spaldian orthography.

Some letters may be modified by diacritics: á, é, ê, ë, í, ý, ó, ö, and œ.

Letter Name Diacritics and Ligatures
A a a Á á, Æ æ, Å å
B b bee
Ć ć ćuh C c, Ç ç
D d dee Ð ð
Ð ð duh (from D)
E e e É é, Ë ë, Ê ê
F f øf
G g gee
H h haitch
I i i Í í, Ï ï, Ý ý
J j jay
K k kay
L l el
M m em
N n en
O o o Ó ó, Ö ö, Ø ø, Œ œ
P p pee
R r ar
S s ess ß, Z z
ß esset (from S and Z)
T t tee
Þ þ þorn
U u u Ú ú, Ü ü
V v vee
Æ æ æ / ai (from A)
Ø ø ø / oo (from O)
Å å å / ah (from A)
Spaldian Vowels
Upper Case A E I O U
Lower Case a e i o u

Comparing to other Languages

Language Phrase
English I speak Spaldian How are you? We will go on Saturday The train goes from Norway to Sweden
Spaldian Ég spæk spaldsk Hov er þú? Við vil gön lørdeê Treinën goás from Nörge til Sveden
Icelandic Ég tala spaldsku Hvernig hefurðu það? Við munum fara á laugardag Lestin fer frá Noregi til Svíþjóðar
Norwegian Jeg snakker Spaldsk Hvordan har du det? Vi går på lørdag Toget går fra Norge til Sverige
Danish Jeg taler spaldsk Hvordan har du det? Vi går på lørdag Toget går fra Norge til Sverige
Swedish Jag pratar Spaldsk Hur mår du? Vi går på lördag Tåget går från Norge till Sverige
German Ich spreche Spaldisch Wie geht es dir? Wir werden am Samstag gehen Der Zug fährt von Norwegen nach Schweden
Luxembourgish Ech schwätzen Spaldesch Wéi geet et dir? Mir komme Samschden Den Zuch geet aus Norwegen an Schweden
Dutch Ik spreek Spalds Hoe gaat het met je? We gaan zaterdag verder De trein gaat van Noorwegen naar Zweden
Afrikaans Ek praat Spalds Hoe gaan dit? Ons gaan Saterdag Die trein gaan van Noorweë na Swede
Frisian Ik praat Spaldsk Hoe giet it mei dy? Wy sille op sneon gean De trein giet út Noarwegen nei Sweden

Anglo-Frisian Languages

Language 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
English one two three four five siks seven eight nine ten
Spaldian ona tvo þrå four fivaa six savan ait nina tan
Scots ane/ae twa three fower five sax seiven aicht nine ten
Frisian ien twa trije fjouwer fiif seis sân acht njoggen tsien


Numbers share some of the same formats as English, but with larger numbers, e.g. one hundred and sixty four (164) would translate as "onahundrådsikstëøfour", which causes some confusion and long words.

Cardinal numeral Spaldian Literal translation Ordinal numeral Spaldian Literal translation
1 ona one 1st ona° one
12 tvalva twelve 12th tvalva° second
23 tvantëþrå "twentythree" 23rd tvantëþrå° twenty-third
34 þirtëøfour "thirtyfour" 34th þirtëøfour° thirty-fourth
45 fourtëøfivaa "fortyfive" 45th fourtëøfivaa° fourty-fifth
56 fiøftësix "fiftysix" 56th fiøftësix° fifty-sixth
67 sikstësavan "sixtyseven" 67th sikstësavan° sixty-seventh
78 savantëáit "seventyeight" 78th savantëait° seventy-eighth
89 aitënina "eightynine" 89th aitënina° eighty-ninth
90 ninatë ninety 90th ninatë° ninetieth

Personal Pronouns

All singular personal pronouns are borrowed from Icelandic and all plural personal pronouns are derived from English.

English I You He She It We They Me Him Her Us Them
Spaldian Ég Þú Hann Hún It Við Þeir Maa Him Har Us Þam


Names, such as the names of places and people, have a followed way of translation. If a name has a vowel (including y) as a second letter, it is given an umlaut accent/diacritic, e.g. "Mary" would be "Märía" and "Russia" would be "Rüssie". Unless it is an "i", the it would be accuted, e.g. "Miller" would be "Míller".

Naming Customs

In Spaldian, a precise last name naming system is used. It is borrowed from the Icelandic naming system, using the endings -son and -dóttir. Unlike Icelandic, Spaldian uses family, patronymic, and matronymic names. For example, if a man with the first and family name "John Miller (Jöhann Míller)" has a father named "Edward (Eðvarð) and a mother named "Anna (Anna), his first and last name would be Jöhann Míller Eðvarðsson Annuson, literally translating to "John Miller Edward's son Anna's son". In the case a parent has the same name as their child, a parent's middle name would be used, and if there is no middle name, the parent's parent's name would be used.

When a person is married, they do not adopt a spouse's last name or any new last name.

A Skortnema, or "Short name", is a person's first name and patronymic name, and their title when formal. This is used to avoid complication with long names.

Unlike many other languages, all non-Spaldian names translate into Spaldian.

An example is as followed:

Title, First, Middle, Family, and both Parent's First
Spaldian Name Skortnema
"Short Name"
Ms. Elizabeth Alexandra Rose Paquet
(Father's Name "Frederick", Mother's Name "Rose")
Frau. Elísabet Alexandra Rösa Päquet Friðriksdóttir Rösudóttir Frau. Elísabet Friðriksdóttir
Mr. Justin Pierre James Trudeau
(Father's Name "Pierre", Mother's Name "Margaret")
Herr. Jüstin Pëtur Jäkob Trudeau Pëtursson Märgrétson Herr. Jüstin Pëtursson
Mr. Victor Smith II
(Father's Name "Victor John", Mother's Name "Caroline")
Herr. Víktor Smith Jöhannsson Kärolineson II Herr. Víktor Jöhannsson II


All Spaldian names use titles and end with a period, but are not abbreviated. Some are as follows:

M. Title Spaldian M. Title F. Title Spaldian F. Title
Baron Baron. Baroness Baronesse.
Lord Lord. Lady Dame.
Doctor (Dr.) Doktor. Doctor (Dr.) Doktora.
Mister (Mr.) Herr. Mrs./Ms./Miss Frau.

Place Names

There is no specific format for place names. Sometimes, it depends on the origin or where it is.

Name Spaldian Name
Canada Känada
Iceland Ísland
Central African Republic Raapublik Saantrelafrikansk
City of Springville Sitê Springville

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