Space claims of Wavaria

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View of Ganymede

Wavaria has claims of the moon orbiting Jupiter named, Ganymede.


All of Ganymede is claimed for Wavaria. It is known to be one of Jupiter's largest moons. The internal structure of Ganymede is a cold rigid ice crust, an outer warm ice mantle, and an metallic core. Wavarians have a fantasy thought that in the future, they can be able to ride a rocket to space and colonize all of Ganymede to terraform it. When Wavarians plan to terraform it, they plan to make the moon their official homeland to stay away from Earth forever. Ganymede is also known to have complete an orbit rougly 7 days.

Surface of Ganymede

Size Comparison of Earth, the moon, and Ganymede(Bottom Left)

The Ganymedian surface is a mix of two types of terrain: very old, highly cratered, dark regions and somewhat younger (but still ancient), lighter regions marked with an extensive array of grooves and ridges. The dark terrain, which comprises about one-third of the surface, contains clays and organic materials that could indicate the composition of the impactors from which Jovian satellites accreted. The heating mechanism required for the formation of the grooved terrain on Ganymede is an unsolved problem in the planetary sciences. However, for Wavarians they plan to create global warming on Wavaria by sending factories burning wood continuously on every corner of the moon. This may seem fantasy to many others, but Wavarians think that they can succeed in this project. Cratering is seen all types of terrain of Ganymede as well. When settling as well, Wavarians plan to get rid of all the satellites and other technology examining it.