Southern Cipania

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Southern Cipania is a Secundomian state led by the Empress of Atlan. It was officially created on May 16, 2010. It became Secundomian territory on May 1, 2010.


Map of Southern Cipania

The state has three counties, the Slovak County, the Westnitrian County, and the Cipanian County. The Cipanian County (located in the northern center of the territory) contains the capital of Stredna and the territory's most populous city, Opatov Nitra South. The Westnitrian county (located in the Northwest of the territory) includes the cities of Sever and Zapad, both small farming communities. The Slovak County (located in the south) includes the cities of Crossroads, Severnej Kos, and Mala Krajina. Severnej Kos is the territory's second largest city.

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Republic of Secundomia