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[[Category:Autonomous socialist republics of Burkland]]
[[Category:Autonomous socialist republics of Burkland]]
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Autonomous Socialist Republic of Southern Burkland
Аутономна Социјалистичка Република јужне Буркланд (sr)

Flag of Southern Burkland.svgCoat of arms of the Ministry for the Autonomous Republics (Burkland).png

Autonomy, freedom and solidarity!
Hurrian Hymn no. 6
Autonomous socialist republic of Burkland
Capital cityNorth Paulet Island
Official language(s)Burklandi, English, Serbian
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameSouthern Burkland
DemonymSouthern Burklandi
DemonymSouthern Burklandi
GovernmentSocialist autonomous crowned republic
- KingDeclan I
- Members of the Supreme People's Soviet of Southern BurklandMatthew Burklandssen, Joseph Puglisi and Håkon Lindström
LegislatureSupreme People's Soviet of Southern Burkland
Established22 April 2012
CurrencyZealandian Krona
Time zoneUTC+10:58 (Iceland Bay District)
UTC-12 (proposed)
National animalPenguin

Southern Burkland, or officially the Autonomous Socialist Republic of Southern Burkland (Serbian: Аутономна Социјалистичка Република јужне Буркланд), was one of the two autonomous republics of the autonomous Zealandian canton of Burkland, the other being Northern Burkland. It consisted of a majority of the land that was claimed by Burkland as its territory under the equator which excludes land set aside for the Federal Territories. It consisted of two islands, the Iceland Bay District and Paulet Island. It consisted of all of Burkland's deserts (Paulet Island) and the deserts made up 99.999975% of Southern Burkland's territory. The autonomous republic system was based on Zealandia's autonomous republic system with the addition of the Federal Territories.

Southern Burkland was dissolved on 5 August 2012 when parts of Burkland were transferred from Zealandia to Legatia.