South Siliștea Oblast

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North Snagov
—  State in the Federated States of Snagov  —
Lake Snagov in the evening

Coat of arms of North Snagov
Coat of arms
State of North Snagov
Country Federated States of Snagov
Capital Snagov
 - Representative Chilau David Robert
 - Total 29.21 km2 (11.3 sq mi)
Population (28 June 2020)
 - Total 1,963
 - Density 67.2/km2 (174.1/sq mi)
Demonym Snagovian
Vehicle registration SNGN

North Snagov is a state in the Federated States of Snagov. As of June 2020, the state's population stands at 1963 people, all living in the capital city of the entire country, Snagov. North Snagov is possibly the most important state, it has the capital of the entire country and is the most developed infrastructure-wise.


The Snagov name is of probably Bulgarian origin, from the word sneg (meaning "snow") or snaga, meaning "human body". This part of the greater Snagov area is in the north opposed to the south.

Flag and coat of arms

The flag is a tri-colour of green, and two shades of blue, one light and one dark. The green represents the plains and forests, the dark blue represents Lake Snagov and the light blue represents the sky.

The coat of arms is a shield, with a blue and green gradient. In the centre is a light blue star. The Snagovian star is present on every state coat of arms.


People have been living next to Lake Snagov since 400 BC. It is the most important state as it is where the capital is located, Snagov. The state joined the union pretty late, on 24 June 2020. In the 1980's, Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu destroyed around 400 homes, to "make the area more chill", this is the reason why the state is not very populated, despite its ideal location. Nowadays, the state's population remains at nearly 2000 people. People from all over the world come to North Snagov , as it is a tourist resort, with beautiful scenery, restaurants, hotels and spas.


The entire population lives in Snagov, the country's capital. At around 1963 people, it's not the most populous city in the country, but it is the most developed in terms of infrastructure. In the city there is a high-school that teaches up to 12th grade, unfortunately, the country does not have an university, but there are plans of building one in the south.


The economy in North Snagov is diverse. Tourism, wood cutting, agriculture, etc. Tourism makes up a large portion of the economy, around 50%. Next there is wood cutting and agriculture, wood cutting being more widely spread due to the limited space for agriculture, in the south, near the A3 highway in Romania.


The political party in the state is the National Snagov Party. The representative of the state is Chilau David Robert. Chilau David Robert is planning to turn Snagov into a prospering economic powerhouse, planning to open international banks and bussiness centers.