Sorrenian Township of Simitria

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Township of Simitria
Trefgordd Simitria

Simitria flag.png

Highland Cathedral
South Derbyshire
Capital citySimitria
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular (predominantly Roman Catholic)
Short nameSimitria
GovernmentSemi-Autonomous Sorrenian Township
- PresidentAndrew Janiszewski (NDP)
- Prime MinisterMatthew Bollands (SWP)
- MayorHarry of Sorrenia (CPSF)
LegislatureNational Assembly
- Type - Unicameral Elective Assembly
Area claimedkm2
CurrencySorrenian Dollar
Time zoneGMT

The Township of Simitria is a Sorrenian Township located in South Derbyshire, near the border with Leicestershire. It was founded on 29 December 2014 by Harry of Sorrenia, a Sorrenian politician and leader of the Communist Party of the Sorrenian Federation.