Sorrenian Mosque

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Sorrenian Mosque
موسك سورەنۋ (Dradelian)
مسجد سورينتو (Arabic)

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Founder First Imam, Eren Lewis
Founded 26th, December, 2015
Imam First Imam, Eren Lewis
Language English
[[Dradelian language

The Sorrenian Mosque is a religious institution in the Sorrenian Federation that follows the ideals and tenants of Sunni Islam. It was founded and is currently lead by First Imam Eren Lewis. It was founded on the 26th of December, after President Andrew Janiszewski announced that religious NGO's could be founded. It was founded a few minutes after the founding of multiple Christian churches.


The Sorrenian Mosque follows Sunni Islam. It generally stays outside of making opinions on the Government. So long as the Government does not attempt to infringe the rights of Muslims in Sorrenia, Imam Lewis has stated he has no wish to bring the Mosque into political debate.