Sorrenian Insurgency

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War of the Sorrenian Succession
Date: 4 April 2018 - Ongoing
Place: Kingdom of Sorrenia
Sorreniaflagnew.png Kingdom of Sorrenia Sorrenian flag.png Socialist League VRD Flag.png Dradelian Revolutionary Front
King Ronald Various Leaders Robert of Dradelia
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War of the Sorrenian Succession

North Dradelia

a map of Eastern Sorrenia, where much of the remaining insurrection takes place
Yellow: Kingdom of Sorrenia
Blue: Dradelian Revolutionary Front
Red: Socialist League

Although the Dradelian National Army formally acquiesced and accepted the Treaty of Dradelian Subservience, much of Northern Dradelia remains inaccessible to Royal forces, and acts as a region in de facto rebellion.

Those areas controlled by the Dradelian Revolutionary Front mostly consist of the 'heart of Dradelia', found in Easington village, while Southern Dradelia is contested between all three forces and Western Dradelia is controlled fairly reliably by Royal forces.


Horden remains the only area openly controlled by the Socialist League. Although heavy casualties were inflicted during the War of the Sorrenian Succession, League forces successfully retreated to Horden and were able to hold off a Dradelian attack.

Upon unification of Sorrenia, the King's Council declared an intention to retake Horden, however this was never acted upon, potentially due to the likely spread of insurrection into areas such as Sherburn and Bowburn if such an action was taken, while actually entering Horden is difficult as it involves travelling through land controlled by Dradelian revolutionaries.


Although League forces were removed from Bowburn during the war, it remains a likely source of support for insurrection, and the headquarters of both The Republicans (the political branch of The League) and the People's Pravda (the party's newspaper) are located in Bowburn. As a result, Royalist forces often choose not to enter the area, but have done so several times without open conflict.