Sonoran general election, December 2018

The December 2018 Sonoran general elections were held on the 5th through 9 December 2018. The election was held for the Premiers and individual state and city legislatures, who's leaders are representatives in the Confederation Congress. The leader of the party with the largest amount of votes wins the presidency only if the party receives 50% or more seats. If they fail to do so, a run-off occurs with the top two candidates being elected by the people. On December 6, the Confederation Electoral Council called the race for the Socialists and Pagans who managed to score eight and six seats respectively. This immediately triggered a run-off Presidential election which will conclude on December 9 with McCovey and Smith contesting. McCovey would win by a narrow margin on December 9.


Election rules were sent out to the Confederation Electoral Council on November 30 by Acting President McCovey. Each party declared their intention to run candidates throughout the individual sovereign states.


Candidate: Buster McCovey Julia Smith Diana Smith Ceres Smith Victoria Wilde Cookie the Cat
Party: Socialist Pagan National Christian Democrat Liberal Feline
Background: Acting President of Sonora and former Vice Premier of Sonoran Soviet Union Pagan activist and social worker Short-lived 3rd President of Sonora during August 2018. Former Queen of New Reno Former Queen of Yulyul, current Mayor. Former Member of the Feline (now Animalian) National Council
# of Congressional seats: 8 seats 6 seats 4 seats 4 seats 4 seats 1 seat
Presidential results: Votes: 33
Votes: 32
Did not advance Did not advance Did not advance Chose not to run


The election was hotly contested with major Socialist pockets largely being in the towns and municipalities. This made up for their losses for Premierships, gaining 8 seats in the Congress. The biggest upset was their loss of Marxia, which managed to garner support from the Pagans in both the city council and Marxian People's Assembly as well as in Syrcucia and its capital Kattegat. The Pagans also picked up the Premiership in the state of Willamette and the Mayoral position in its capital, New Salem. In Animalia, the votes came close between the Socialists and Feline Party as the Feline popularity rose with a more moderate, populist platform. The Socialists eventually took the National Council and with it the Premiership, however, the Socialists failed to gain the majority in the Petigrad City Council. Cookie the Cat who ran for both Assemblies and won her seats was elected by her party to serve as Mayor of Petigrad, gaining one seat for the Felines in the Confederation Congress. The Pagans picked up the second most amount of seats and their success helped trigger a run-off for the Presidency of the Confederation with Julia Smith and Buster McCovey contesting for the office. The Nationals, Liberals and Christian Democrats also garnered 4 seats each with the Nationals and Christian Democrats winning mostly on the rural municipal level, although the Christian Democrats did pick up a Premiership in New Reno and the Nationals a Premiership in Mazama. The Liberals picked up two Premierships in the state of Dorada and Joaquin, the city of Yulyul, and the town of Nuevo Angeles.

The Constitutional Court was also elected with Martin Salvador maintaining his Chief Justice seat while Cali Bear and Stormy the Cat were elected to serve as general Justices.

On December 9th, the Confederation Electoral Council announced that Buster McCovey had narrowly won by 1 vote with 100% of precincts reporting in. A total of 65 votes were counted with McCovey winning 50.77% to become the Confederation's 1st President.