Somdej Goathai An Ong

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Somdej Goathai An Ong
President of the Governor
Assumed office
18 July 2018 - present
Predecessor office established
Personal information
Born 6 January 2004 (2004-01-06) (age 17)
Empire Huai Siao
Citizenship Hmong
Nationality Hmong
Ethnicity Hmong
Residence Palace of Kong Kong

Somdej Goathai An Ong (or Somdet Taian or สมเด็จกัวไท่อันอ๋อง) The door on 6 January 2004 was respected by the government and the band and general. Who volunteered to serve in a large position and a small position for the kingdom to flourish He is always a teenager who likes to be in the field of politics. He will always read books for history, philosophy and politics. His favorite activity is Being with the people and the royal family by themselves

Awards and decorations