Sollenan Leu

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Sollenan Leu
1 leu sollenez.png
Official users Sollena flag.png Kingdom of Sollena
Pegged to 1 RON
Symbol LS
Code LS
Nickname Leu
Plural Lei
Sub-unit Sollenan Ban
Banknotes 1 leu
Central bank Sollenan Central Bank
Printer Sollenan Central Bank

The Sollenan leu is the Kingdom of Sollena's replacement for the Romanian Leu, the original currency of the country. It was introduced as the countries national currency in 2018 by the nation's dounder, King Sabin I.

The notes of the leu do not contain the faces of any people but instead the emblem of the country. They were designed by the King of the Kingdom of Sollena. The Sollenan lei are one of the few currencies of the world which only have one note.

The Sollenan leu, first introduced on 26 February 2018, is pegged at a 1 Romanian leu exchange rate.