Socks Alexandria

The Right Honourable General Dame Socks Alexandria. is the current Chief Mouser and a General of Zealandia and pet of current Zealandian monarch Queen Astrid. Socks was given to Astrid as a Christmas present from Mark Bobssen.

The Right Honourable
General Dame Socks Alexandria
Official portrait
Chief Mouser of the Commonwealth of Zealandia
Assumed office
August 1, 2012
Monarch Astrid of Zealandia
Predecessor herself
Successor incumbent
Service Chief of the Zealandian Territorial Ground Force
In office
2012 - 2014
Successor None
Personal information
Born October, 2009
Christchurch New Zealand
Citizenship Zealandian
Political party Zealandian Greens - De Gröna
Residence Officially Tyrshavn currently held captive in Queensland, Australia
Military service
Nickname(s) Kitty
Allegiance Zealandian Defence Force
Service/branch Her Majesty's Civil Guard
Rank General
Commands The Royal Guards
Awards Hero of Zealandia, Knight Commander of the Order of Zealandia
Considered to be held against her will

Personality and Role in Zealandian Society

General Alexandria is well known within the Commonwealth of Zealandia both as a mascot and an important historical figure, famous for her often uncredited roles in Zealandian film and television. Alexandria's personality has often been considered an inspiration to Zealandians.

Debate of Breed

There was a short lived debate over the issue of Alexandria's breed with Lindstrom still insisting that she is a long tailed manx.

Chief Mouser

When the Kingdom of Zealandia was founded in February 2010 Queen Astrid appointed Socks as the Chief Mouser of Zealandia and gave her the style and title of The Right Honourable Socks of Zealandia Chief Mouser of the Commonwealth of Zealandia, all of her realms, dominions and ships, this title was officially transferred into a more republican style of Right Honourable Socks Alexandria Chief Mouser of the Federal Republic of Zealandia and her aircraft and vessels, it reverted to a monarchical one upon the restoration.


General Alexandria has been held in captivity away from Zealandia by Mark Bobssen, who has been convicted of treason by a Zealandian court, since 2012 in the Australian state of Queenland. The Zealandian Government considered her to be held against her will.