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|s5                =  
|flag_s5            =  
|flag_s5            =  
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|image1            = [[File:SRSCFlag.png|200px]]
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|image2            =
|motto              = Forever the People's  
|motto              = Forever the People's  

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Socialist Republic of Sterling-Charcot

April 30, 2016 — present


Forever the People's
Charcot Island, Antarctica
Capital cityCharcot City, 30th April District
Largest cityCharcot City
Official language(s)English, Secundomian
Short nameSterling-Charcot, SRSC
EstablishedApril 30, 2016
Area claimed995 sq. miles
Population0 (No year-round population)
CurrencyUSD ($)
Time zoneUTC -6
Constituent Republic of the FSSR

The Socialist Republic of Sterling-Charcot pronounced [stərliːŋ tʃɑːrkɔːt]) (also known as SRSC or Sterling-Charcot) is a constituent republic of the Federation of Secundomian Socialist Republics.


Sterling-Charcot is named after the Kingdom of Sterling and Charcot Island, the older micronational kingdom and the island that constitutes the republic. In turn, the Kingdom was named for the boy's name meaning "genuine" or of "high quality," also for the Sterling grade of silver. This was chosen by Parker I to represent the Kingdom's high worth. Charcot Island is named by Jean-Baptiste Charcot to honor his father Jean-Martin Charcot. However, like Gravois, the name of the republic is pronounced in a corrupted American accent as [tʃɑːrkɔːt] rather than the original French [ʃaʁko].