Socialist-Green Party (DUBS)

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Socialist-Green Party
Socialistati-Veridia Regakultolturbul
English nameSocialist-Green Party
Democratic Union British nameSocialistati-Veridia Regakultolturbul
LeaderDallin Langford
FounderDallin Langford
Founded17th February, 2017
IdeologySocialism, Green politics
Political positionLeft-wing
National affiliationDemocratic Union of British States
National Council House of Representatives
1 / 6
State executive branches
0 / 3

The Socialist-Green Party, founded on the 17th of February, 2017, is a political party in the Democratic Union of British States. It was founded by Dallin Langford, the current Secretary of Feudal Affairs in the federal Cabinet, and stands for largely socialist and libertarian ideals.