Social Federalist Meritocratic Party

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The Social Federalist Meritocratic Party is a party in the Nemkhav Federation, currently led by Samuel I. It is currently the second largest political party within the Federation, occupying 1/8 seats in government. Currently its only branch sits inVian.

Socialist Federal Meritocratic Party
ChairmanSamuel I
FoundedSeptember 2011
HeadquartersOwensburg, Eastern Province, Vian
Membership  (2011)3
IdeologySocial Democracy, Meritocracy, Federalism, Regionalism, Patriotism

Notable Members

Samuel I - Minister of Infrastructure and King of Vian.


  • Social Democracy.
  • Regional along with national patriotism.
  • Weaker Federation.
  • Equal opportunities.
  • No quotas.
  • Promotion based on merit in the form of a meritocratic rating.
  • The Preservation of regional cultures.
  • The Preservation of national culture.
  • The Preservation of regional rights.
  • Absolute free speach.