Snagovian Federal Republic

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Snagovian Federal Republic
Republica Federală Snagoveană (Romanian)
Рєпȣблйка Фєдєралъ Cнагѡвєанъ (Snagovian)
Coat of arms
Motto: Snagovians! Superbire!
Snagovians! Be proud!
Anthem: Atâta timp cât Snagovul strălucește (Romanian)
As long as Snagov shines

National Seal[1].
SFR ortographic globev2.png
Location of the Snagovian Federal Republic
Largest cityNoua Siliște
Official languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups (2020)Romanians (100%)
ReligionNo official state religion
Orthodox Christians (90%)
Atheism (10%)
GovernmentFederal presidential republic under a multi-party democracy
Gheorghe Ștefan Marius
Chilău David Robert
LegislatureSnagovian Parliament
• Founded
18 June 2020
• Total
29.07 km2 (11.22 sq mi)
• 2020 census
22 citizens
CurrencySnagovian Crown (SNA ♆)
Time zoneUTC+02 (EET)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Drives on theright
MicrocodeFS [2]

The Snagovian Federal Republic, also known as the Snagovian FR, is a self-declared independent state with little or no international recognition [a], and is commonly referred to as micronation by the external observers. The Snagovian Federal Republic is located in Eastern Europe and sits on the Wallachian Plain, and is surrounded by Romania from all sides. The total land area of the nation, including all the Oblasts is approximately 29.07 square kilometres (11.22 square miles). The population of the nation stands at 19 people, with the most recent census being held in November, in the year 2020. The capital of the nation is Dăchileni, being located in South Siliștea, which has a population of three. The largest city, however, is Noua Siliște, which is also located in the South Siliștea Oblast, and has a population of five. About 90% of the total population have identified themselves as Orthodox Christians, and the other 10% as Atheists.

The nation was founded and formally established on 18 June 2020, by Gheorghe Ștefan Marius and Chilău David Robert, who assumed the offices of the President and Vice President respectively. The nation is a federal presidential republic under a multi-party democracy, with the Snagovian Parliament being the unicameral legislature. The currency used in the Snagovian Federal Republic is the Snagovian Crown (SNA ♆), it is used to buy and sell goods in the country. The three official languages of the nation are English, Romanian and Snagovian, with Romanian being spoken by 100% of the population as of 12 October 2020. Currently, the entire population is ethnically Romanian, with the latest census being held on 07 October 2020.

The nation is formed out of 10 oblasts, with each being represented by a party, which is chosen by the citizens of said oblast. All the oblast leaders have all of the 10 seats in the Snagovian Parliament. The country was founded as the Federated States of Snagov, the name was changed to the Snagovian Federal Republic on 3 October 2020.


The nation was initially named as the Federated States of Snagov at the time of its establishment on 18 June 2020, however, it was renamed to its current form of the Snagovian Federal Republic on 3 October 2020[3].

Snagov comes from the lake that most of the Oblasts are close to, Tâncăbești Oblast, Izvorani Oblast, and the South Siliștea Oblast even having a coast on said lake. It may also come from the Snagov commune in Romania. The "Federal Republic" part comes from the fact that the country is, indeed, a Federal Republic. Gheorghe Ștefan Marius and Chilău David Robert were born and currently live in Snagov, Romania, and so they deemed that it would be appropriate and fair to use a local name for their nation.


The country was founded on 18 June 2020 by Gheorghe Stefan Marius and Chilau David Robert, the current president, and vice-president, respectively.

Government and politics

Law and order

Foreign relations



Administrative divisions

All the Snagovian Oblasts can be seen in the table below.

Oblasts in the Snagovian Federal Republic
Flag Coat of arms Name of the Oblast Region Code Capital Population Area Ruling Party
KorneliaFlagV4.png KorneliaCOAV4.png Kornelia North KOR Kornelia City 4 6.38 sq. km
(2.5 sq. mi.)
AqanticaFlagV4.png AqanticaCoA2020V3.png Aqantica North AQA Aqanstelia 1 1.04 sq. km
(0.4 sq. mi.)
VerdusaliaFlagV4.png VerdusaliaCOAV4.png Verdusalia Centre VER Verdusi 0 0.92 sq. km
(0.4 sq. mi.)
NorthSilișteaFlagV4.png NorthSilișteaCOAV4.png North Siliștea Centre NSIL Câmpești-Albu 2 4.31 sq. km
(1.7 sq. mi.)
SouthSilisteaFlagV4.png SouthSilișteaCOAV4.png South Siliștea Centre SSIL Dăchileni 10 0.11 sq. km
(27.1 acres)
IzvoraniFlagV4.png IzvoraniCOAV4.png Izvorani South West IZV Malul Albastru 1 0.8 sq. km
(0.3 sq. mi.)
TâncăbeștiFlagV4.png TâncăbeștiCOAV4.png Tâncăbești South West TÂN Drevniozer 0 2.76 sq. km
(1.1 sq. mi.)
VlăsiaFlagV4.png VlăsiaCOAV4.png Vlăsia South West VLĂ Vlăsia Mare 2 7 sq. km
(2.7 sq. mi.)
NorthGruiuFlagV4.png NorthGruiuCOAV4.png North Gruiu East NGRU Lunca 1 2.7 sq. km
(1 sq. mi.)
SouthGruiuFlagV4.png SouthGruiuCOAV4.png South Gruiu East SGRU Noriangrad 1 3.05 sq. km
(1.2 sq. mi.)

Geography and climate

National symbols

The national symbols of the Snagovian Federal Republic are things which are emblematic, representative or otherwise characteristic of the Snagovian Federal Republic or Snagovian culture. Some are established, official symbols, including the Flag of the Snagovian Federal Republic, and governmentally-named symbols, such as the national flower and animal. Other symbols may not hold any form official status, for one reason or another, but are likewise recognised at a national or even intermicronational level. The symbols were adopted at various stages in the existence of the Snagovian Federal Republic and various rules and regulations governing their definition or use.

List of national and official symbols of the Snagovian Federal Republic

Symbol Name Image
National Flag Flag of the Snagovian Federal Republic
National Coat of Arms Coat of Arms of the Snagovian Federal Republic
National motto Snagovians! Superbire!
National anthem Atât timp cât Snagovul strălucește ("As long as Snagov shines")

National colours Forest green, Cobalt blue, and white              
National animal Eurasian eagle-owl
National flower Nelumbo nucifera
National dish Romanian moussaka
National sport Lawn Tennis
Official language Romanian, Snagovian and English
National calendar Gregorian calendar



Religion in Snagovian Federal Republic

  Christianity (72.73%)
  Hinduism (4.54%)
  Atheism (22.73%)



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  2. FS is the microcode for the Snagovian Federal Republic. Microcode.
  3. Official Snagovian Twitter handle. Federated States of Snagov renamed as the Snagovian Federal Republic. 03 October 2020.


  1. The Snagovian Federal Republic is considered as a de jure part of the Republic of Romania