Slaviac Republic

The Slaviac Republic (S.R. or U.S.R.) is a sovereign state that runs under the government of a Federal Republic & partially recognized state located in the Bering Strait as well as Northeast African Regions of Bir Tawill & Hala' Ib, disputed territories with partial Slaviac claim recognition. The United Slaviac Republic was founded on April 14, 2014 under a "people" mission to protect and develop lands and indigenous peoples, and cultures while invoking ideals of Democracy & Peace.

United Slaviac Republic
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Liberty, Democracy, Slaviac Peace! (Latin: Libertas , Democratia , Slaviac Pacem!)
Hymn of the USR
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North Africa & Bering Strait
Capital cityDiomede City
Largest cityDiomede City
Official language(s)English, Russian, French, & German
Official religion(s)Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Primary)
Short nameSlaviac Republic
DemonymSlaviac (Ex. 'I am Slaviac')
GovernmentFederal Republic
- General-SecretaryMr. Kody Barnett
- Secretary-General of Foreign AffairsDr. Prithvi Singh Ravish
LegislatureCouncil of State
EstablishedApril 14, 2014
Area claimed23,500km²
PopulationN/A due to sparse population spread (as of 2016 census)
CurrencyUS Dollar (Legal) & Federal Note of Slaviac (Proposed & Produced)
National sportTrack & Field
National animalEagle, Secondary German Shepherd Dog

Government website

The U.S.R. is currently headed by General-Secretary Kody Barnett, elected by Federal Popular Referendum by an incomplete council of state of the U.S.R. by a democratic vote to further the development and affairs infrastructure the U.S.R. by this head of state.

History of the Slaviac Republic

Early Beginnings - 2014

The Slaviac Republic was founded on the 14th of April 2014 with three people spear-heading the establishment of the U.S.R; Mr. Kody Barnett, incumbent General-Secretary, Mr. Ural Lebedinev, former Vice-Chair of the Council of State, and the wife of Mr. Lebedinev, Ms. Vera Lebedineva. In the first 3 months we were domesticated and somewhat in a creation time framing constitutions, diplomatic policies, organizational structures, etc, our first diplomatic policy published to the government as a legal document, this first policy was one that stated that the U.S.R. would not enter into the relation with any other nation, has been changed since. Our 23-page constitution was publicized as the basic fundamental of law, which has been revised and amended twice since establishment as law. The Convention of Nova Africana and Diomede was drafted and signed claiming the Hala' Ib triangle and the Region of Bir Tawill, along with the Diomede Island chain in the Bering Strait.

The first micronation to recognize the United Slaviac Republic was the Grand Duchy of Broslavia, which relations have since been declined and removed due to the change in diplomatic policy of the United Slaviac Republic.

Year - 2015

The United Slaviac Republic celebrated its one year anniversary, on the Slaviac Foundation Day (April 14, 2014, a day to celebrate our

accomplishments and solutions, in 2015 the United Slaviac Republic got a wider view base with more knowledge of our mission and nation around the world. The United Slaviac Republic became "friends" with many micronations during this year, such as the Foster Island Republic.

Founder Day Poster.

Modern Times - 2016

The year of 2016 has been tremendous for the Slaviac Republic, the growth of the USR has spiked have appointed Dr. Prithvi Singh Ravish as secretary-general to the USR foreign affairs. The USR has released a new government domain ".ga" for "government affairs" for the newly released website to better represent our mission as the Slaviac Republic.

The USR has entered into in formal - partial relation with the Republic of India, in thanks to Dr. Ravish. We have been written in by national newspapers in Kazakhstan & the Republic of India. The United Slaviac Republic offered introduced the Citizenship Doctrine offering citizenship to Slaviac Patriots.

National Symbols

Images of Symbols

Flag Protocol

The Slaviac Flag must be sewn/produced following strict protocol set by Article V of the Slaviac Constitution: "The Flag of the USR must follow a precise protocol as stated in the following. The Flag of the USR shall always be ‘printed’, sewn, or produced in the proportion/ratio size of 3:5. The Flag of the USR shall be printed upon three horizontal stripes in ration size of 1:1:1.The top stripe

National Flag

shall maintain full color of “red” (#e91e25). The Middle Stripe shall be split in two, with two vertical columns in the stripe, right column remaining white, and the left remaining black (pure). The bottom stripe shall maintain full color of “blue” (#000cab). On the middle stripe one star shall be applied to each column, centered."

Official Symbols

Most nations' constitutions have an article on the official symbols of their nation, such as Religions, Animals, and Languages.

Article VI of the Slaviac Constitution states: "The Official language of the USR shall be set as English with 3 secondary languages, Russian, French, & German. -- The Official State Religion shall be by the “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints” and a Secondary’s shall remain Baptist Christianity, Catholic Christianity, and Orthodox Christianity. -- The Official Animal[s] of the Slaviac Republic shall be the Eagle (upon all denominations), as well as the German Shepherd Dog."

Government & Politics


The Government of the Slaviac Republic is defined by the 2014 Constitution stating that the U.S.R. is a Unitary Multi-Party Federal Republic. Legislative power is vested in the Slaviac Council of State & the directors of departments. The General-Secretary of the Slaviac Republic is head of state and the executive branch as defined in the constitution, that shall represent the decision of the people, the executive department also consists of the Secretary-General of Foreign Affairs, with the Department of Foreign Affairs, as well as all diplomatic agents. The Judiciary of the Slaviac Republic is to be set upon Supreme Court of the USR, once setup, until the date of supreme court establishment the Judiciary shall be headed by the Department of Justice.


The Slaviac Republic currently only vests one political party due to zero objection to any decision by the people. This party being the Slaviac Patriot Party

Logo of the Patriot Party

, a center-right party for unity and protection of the mission of the Slaviac Republic.

In order to insure that we continue the ideals of democracy & freedom any man or woman may start a political party, much like the United States of America. For instance, if you have different ideals than the Patriot Party than you can go to a national political registry to apply for a political party in the Slaviac Republic.


The Slaviac Principle of Law is the Slaviac Constitution, written in 2014 by the Central Government of the Slaviac Republic in order to support public administration and production of a Civil Law system as stated in the preamble: "Whereas, hitherto this date a fundament must be formed and drafted to better foreign relations and support a public administration, so henceforth put this constitution of supreme fundament and charter of the lands of the Slaviac Republic as our national documentation.". Two revisions were made to the constitution one amending the 6th article about the official languages adding the language of German as another secondary language, and the second, amending the 10th article adding an enumerated duty being the head of the Honorary Reserve Guard of the Department of defense, with this line from Article X: "The General-Secretary shall be the Head-Marshal of the Slaviac Republic of the Honorary Reserve Guard, just above the Marshal of the Slaviac Republic in rank & supreme power."

Foreign Relations

The United Slaviac Republic entertains a Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), headed by Dr. Prithvi Singh Ravish. The Department of Foreign Affairs has its own separate page (click here), the USR subordinates all foreign affairs to this department (DFA), such as Treaties, and it also has a subordinate known as the Republican Consular Corps and the Honorary Slaviac Reserve Guard.

Government Emblem of the DFA

The DFA has introduced diplomatic relations with many micronations, and partial diplomacy with recognized organizations, some prominenet diplomatic relations fall with the Kingdom of Ruthenia, Flandrensis Commonwealth, and partial/inter-disputed relation with the Republic of India.


Due to the United Slaviac Republics "tininess" we do not host a large army, air force, or navy but rather a reserve guard known as the Honorary Reserve Guard which is the only Security/Defense force in the Slaviac Republic, which is on reserve and is not an active guard unless the order by the executive branch in order to insure our 'peaceful' motto.

The Slaviac H.R.G. was founded on the date of January 1, 2016 by the Department of Justice, upon the establishment for the H.R.G. the Department of State Security was founded, this department handles all defense analysis, terror threats, wars, and other world defense issues. This department also manages all logistics of the H.R.G.


The United Slaviac Republic claims 3 areas, in 2 regions. The USR is the claimant of the Hala' Ib Triangle, Bir Tawill, and the Diomede Island chain by basis of the Slaviac Convention of Nova Africana & Diomede.

Hala' Ib & Bir Tawill

Map of Slaviac Hala' Ib & Bir Tawill

The Claim of Hala'Ib & Bir Tawill were made under environmental & developmental context to support basic administration in non-administrated areas as well as to support the indigenous African & Egyptians living in these areas.

Both areas are desert with an average precipitation of nearly 0 mm per year, over a total area of 22,640 square kilometres of land. While there is little rain precipitation there are rivers that run through these areas, and the Hala' Ib triangle has a 190.38 kilometre coast with access to the Red Sea. The region of Bir Tawill is not claimed by any state in the world except the United Slaviac Republic, while the Hala' Ib triangle is disputed territory the Slaviac Republic continues to claim the Hala' Ib triangle.

Diomede Islands

Map of Slaviac Diomede Claim of the DFA

The only claimant of the Diomede Island chain that is fighting for indigenous peoples rights and their development in an urban but environmentally protect-able society. There are two islands in the chain which are known as Ratminov Island & Krusenstern Island, both in the Bering Strait the islands are located at 168°58'37"W, with a total land area of 18 squared miles, the Diomede Islands are like water mountains, with acclimatizing hills, the total population of the 135 on Kusenstern Island, as of Slaviac Independent census of 2015, and assumed a population of 0 on the Ratminov Island.

The Kusenstern Island has a small city, which happens to be the capital of the Slaviac Republic, known as the Kusenstern City, where all 135 citizens on the island reside.

The islands host native species of animals such as birds & plants that have only been found on the Diomede Islands, that the Slaviac Republic pushes to protect. The Slaviac Bering waters also host Bowhead & Grey whales, which the Slaviac Republic pushes to protect these whales from poaching around the world and not in the Diomede surrounding islands as they are sacred by the indigenous peoples.

Administrative Symbols & Divisions

How Slaviac Divisions Work

The Slaviac Republic is Unitary and is NOT a federation. A unitary state has divisions that any administrative divisions (sub-national units) exercise only powers that the central government chooses to delegate. The majority of states in the world have a unitary system of government. Of the 193 UN member states, 165 of them are governed as unitary states, and there are 3 Unitary Division Republics in the Slaviac Republic, they are: the Ratminov Republic, Krusenstern Republic, and the Halayeb-Bir Tawill Republic. Often for ease of writing & speaking of both the Ratminov & Krusenstren Republics will be refereed to as the Diomede Republic.

These 3 republics are not autonomous regions or division but rather for ease of administration and have limited powers within each Republic, the term "Republic" is not synonymous with sovereign government it is simply a division place holder.

Flags of each Republic


Economic Diversity

The Slaviac Republic attempts to diversify its economy to grow and develop of our economic growth comes from the sale of Slaviac memorabilia via the Government website, we are also working on Slaviac services from within the government that are similar to MicroFlag in the prospect of small nation business, we also accept non-profit donations which people donate to support our mission, we offer citizenship at a small fee which allows for people to be a part of a good cause.

Proposed Design of the Slaviac Note

Economic Analysis

The Per Capita Income of each citizen is 27,290 $ US

Federal Slaviac Note

The Slaviac Note (Federal)is a proposed Slaviac currency to further economic prosperity and produce a mission of growth.


Slaviac Sports