Aenderia under Centrist rule

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The Republic of Aenderia is a micronation democracy located in my backyard of Brooklyn, NY. The people of Aenderia are predominently Russian, as it is the second languge of Aenderia. The Aenderian official language is Aenderi-russian, or in other words, Aenderian. Aenderian is a dialect mixed up with English and Russian, whom uses words written in the Phonetic alphabet instead of the Russian cyrillic.

The current leader of the Republic of Aenderia is Presydent Russell Gilzem.

The Republic of Aenderia was formed on June 2, 2018, and therefore it currently does not have a cabinet. Russell is automatically the presydent due to the founding of the nation.

Motto: Sdelyat' lyubov ne voynoy' (Make love, not war)

National Anthem: None at the moment. National Crop(s): Radishes/Lettuce (grown in Aenderia) National Animal: Mockingbird National Sport: Track


Aenderia has no real military. Aenderia handles things with diplomatic conversations and conferences.

1st Presydent Russell Gilzem

Russell Gilzem is the official founder of the Aenderian nation. As a natural-born American citizen, he eventually founded this micronation because he had an interest for political interest and diplomatic connections. Thus, he looked for unclaimed/uninhabited land until he decided to settle on his home. In his backyard, Russell grows lettuce, and inside, he grows radishes, making the backyard Aenderian soil and the official crops of the micronation.


Aenderia is currently allowing citizenship requests. However, by Aenderian standard, there are certain requirements to be a citizen of Aenderia. For starters, color does not matter to become an Aenderian citizen; current citizenship status and ethnicity can affect those standards. Aenderia does not select people located with these countries:

- Afghanistan - Iran - Iraq - Libya - Myanmar - Pakistan - Palestine (belief) - Saudi Arabia - Sudan - Syria - Yemen

All others are allowed. However, you are not guaranteed citizenship; Aenderia selects a few.


Currently, the Republic of Aenderia is allies with the following countries (as of now)

- Kingdom of Sycamore


The Republic of Aenderia currently exports agricultural crops, mostly and only lettuce and radishes.


The type of currency in Aenderia is called the Aenderian Dollar.

The Aenderian Dollar ranges from AD1 to AD100 (on bills.)

National Holidays