Simpire (proposed state)

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Union of Atovia and Pacem

Atovia Flag.svg
Flag of Atovia
Flag of Pacem

Official languagesEnglish

GovernmentConstitutional dual monarchy
MonarchsKing Connor
Emperor Nicholas

Area1.47 km²

The Simpire, or the Union of Atovia and Pacem as it would be officially known, is a proposed semi-satirical micronational union state which would act as a unifier for the Kingdom of Atovia and the State of Pacem. The state is currently only proposed through the Simpire Bill that is currently being proposed in the Senate of Pacem[1], and is not meant to be a serious proposal but rather a motive for discussion of the bill and activity in Pacem's Senate.

The proposed union would be located in the American states of Maryland and Ohio, as well as having a territory in the Indian Ocean at the antipode of the City of Nekut, and would border the Abeldane Empire. The government would be a constitutional dual monarchy, with certain powers being given to both the King of Atovia and the Emperor of Pacem.


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