Silent War

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The Silent War describes a conflict between the Fraughtian Community, and the Elite Federation.


The conflict started before February 2018, when the Fraughtians annexed Youtube Hangout, a server with a sort of partnership with Elite. This angered the Elite Clan and they threatened to observe us. At this time, the Elites banned higher-ranking Fraughtian officials from the Elite Clan. Naturally, the Fraughtians threatened far worse, which caused the Elite Clan to calm down. Around 1 month later, the conflict seem to have ended with FraughtMovie posting an article in the #news chats of the Fraughtian Discords. This news post congratulated the Elites on their rapid growth, and said that Fraughtian-style imperialism was the reason. Again, 1 month later, FraughtMovie discusses the possibility of creating a UN of Discord servers with the Elite Clan, now called the Elite Federation of United Servers. This plan never went through, but it shows peace between the two powers.


The Silent War started near the end of June 2018, but no-one is sure of the precise date. It was during this time that the Elite Federation had been pushing the Nintendo Switch Region, to become independent. This all comes because Lex (Elite President During the War) and Droid (Notable Elitian Figure) grew weary of Fraughtian intentions. In the Elitian Capital, Lex had hid 2 important chats from FraughtMovie, which Noa, SomeWolf, and JCoDog, all ex-Elitians, helped FraughtMovie discover. Love of Helium (Banned Fraughtian), ThaManWithTheHat (NSR regional leader) and Almog (NSR separatist) were residing in the Elitian Capital at the time.

Just as the Silent War was beginning, a new community was founded from the ashes of an old Country of Reddit discord server, the Helium Community. The Helium Community supported the Elite Federation throughout the entire war.

On July 12, FraughtMovie requested that Lex, Droid, ThaManWithTheHat, and Almong to show themselves in a Fraughtian Court. As far as anyone is aware, they did not show themselves in any court.

For the rest of July, the Helium Community continues to grow its servers, and thus, its influence. On August 2, Helium Love, Helium Supreme Leader at the time, annexed a new colony, called World Advertising. 3 days later, they annex yet another server, called the Wastelands. It was an anti-Fraughtian server after the Fraughtian Community attacked and destroyed the server called Meltdown. Meltdown's Leader, Firedrop, re-created the server, but renamed it to the Wastelands.

On August 9, the Fraughtians started Operation Athens, a 2 pronged conquest of Elite's Gaming Crew Region and the Nintendo Switch Place, the former region. The Gaming Crew Region joined the Fraughtian side, while the NSP did not right away. The Fraughtians pushed for a new leader in the NSP, one that was pro-Fraughtian. Kuli, eventually became leader, and handed the server back to the Fraughtians.

On the 10th, Helium Love created a cluster map, showing the relations of the 3 major communities during the Silent War.


On August 14, Helium Love uncovered a large amount of evidence that showed the Fraughtians were planning to do a major raid on the Elites. However, due to Helium Love sharing these documents with the Elitian Capital, the Fraugtians were unable to get the insider they needed, which prevented them from attacking. This is seen as the one major battle that the Elite Federation and Helium Community won.

Only 2 days later, on the 16th of August, Helium Love proposes the Treaty of Helium. This treaty is accepted by both the Elite Federation and the Fraughtian Community. This marks the end of the Silent War.


The Fraughtians gained the most during this war, with a total of 2 brand new servers gained. The Elites, however, were not so lucky. They lost an 2 of their servers, and were just left with their capital. The merger with the Helium Community never happened, and the 2 communities eventually grew apart.

On October 24, Helium Love gave all his assets to the Fraughtian Community and left the Discord sphere all together. This means that the Fraughtian Community got control of the dying Helium Community. With these new servers, the Fraughtians took the former Helium Capital, the Helium Advertising Region, and turned it into a Fraughtian Colony. FraughtMovie official opened it to the public on November 7, 2018, and had Packerfan Gamer administer it. Helium Advertising has been very successful and is on its way to 100 members.

By this time, the Elites had a raid in their Capital. This caused mass inactivity and the Elites are still struggling to this day.