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Shaumany was created in early 2013 by King Sam 1, at that time the area of Shaumany was 2 metres squared.

The Shaumanic Empire

The Shaumanic empire was created on february 29th 2013. After this event Emperor Sam 1 claimed great yews for his empire.

The shaumany kyreria treaty

On 5th march 2013 Prince Dan I and Emperor Sam I created an alliance between their two counties. It is as follows:

The Shaumany-Kyreria alliance treaty thing.

Shaumany/Kyreria will be peaceful to the opposite nation & will assist them in times of war, hardship or deppresion. Some other stuff that includes legal shizzle-whizzle and ceremonial stuff. ESkempI DanI

Shaumanic Law & Immigration policy

Law 1- Do not steal moss from bivies.