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| '''Established:'''
| '''Established:'''
| 23rd March 2009
| 23 March 2009
| '''First Awarded:'''
| '''First Awarded:'''

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Service Medal
Service Medal.png
Awarded by the Empire of New Europe
Type: Military Medal
Awarded For: Serving in the miliary during a time of crisis
Status: Currently Awarded
Established: 23 March 2009
First Awarded: N/A
Distinct Recipients: Kaiser Wilhelm I, King Matthew I, James Colaianni
Next (higher): Wound Badge
Next (lower): None

The Service Medal is given to all members of the armed forces who serve on active duty from March 23, 2009 on. Additional awards are denoted by a miniature silver star on the ribbon, a golden star represents 5 awards of the silver star.