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Province of the Empire of Adammia
Great Britain
Founded28 October 2017
GovernmentLocal Government of Serkatia
DukeLord Maude
CouncilorLord Helliker

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Serkatia is a province of the Empire of Adammia located in the region of South Adammia. It is 302m² in size and consists of two non-contiguous terraced houses located in Birmingham. It is the term-time residence of HIM Emperor Adam I.

Serkatia is consists of two counties, Serkatia Vetera and Serkatia Nova, and has one municipality, the city of Varwall.


The source of the name Serkatia is the same as the source of the name of Adammia itself - the Xanada V Sportica online forum-based role-playing game. In this game, Adam Belcher (now Emperor Adam I) ran the fictional country of the Great Adammia Islands, whilst Alex Helliker ran the fictional country of Serkat. Serkatia is derived from Serkat, in tribute to the way in which the name of Adammia itself was derived.


Originally created as a county within the then-colony of Alluria on 6 September 2017, Serkatia became an individual province following the passing of the Empire of Adammia Act 2017 the following month, located at 224 Dawlish Road, Selly Oak. It remained a singular territory until September 2019, when the county of Serkatia Nova, located at 24 Teignmouth Road (approximately 200 metres from the original property) was added to the province, with the original property being known as Serkatia Vetera. From the start of the Second Era in October 2017 until the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, the province acted as the political heart of the Empire, and the Ruling Council met there in an unofficial capacity. The official capital city is still Imperial City in Greater Tytannia, which plays a more cultural and historical role, but Serkatia acts as a sort of secondary unofficial capital.




Year Councilor Party Notes
2017 Lord Sir Alex Helliker Moderate Party Leader of the Moderate Party (2017-18)

Prime Minister (2017-18)
Attorney General (2018 - present)
Leader of the Liberal-Moderate Party (2018-19)
Leader of the Opposition (2018-19)

2018 Liberal-Moderate Party
2019 Storm Party


Serkatia Vetera consists of a 4-person terraced house which acts as the term-time residence of Emperor Adam I. Numerous entities which are run by Emperor Adam have their headquarters in Alluria, including:

Serkatia Nova is the term-time residence of Lord Helliker.

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