Senyanese language

The Senyanese language is an official language of the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya. It is one of only two languages created by Barnaby Hands that has a dictionary or an easy way of remembering.

Senyanese language

Regulated bySenya
Spoken inSenya
Total speakersUnknown

How it came around

Senyanese is a mix of English, French, Spanish, German & Jibberish that is mixed together to form words. Senyanese origianly comes from Resqwerlandish (pronounced Rez-que-wer-land-ish), a language that Barnaby Hands made up. Resqwerlandish had a basic rule, Take an English word (i.e. Bounce), and take each letter and replace it with the next letter in the alphabet (i.e. Cpvodf). As Senyanese is much, much harder, President Barnaby keeps an Excel document in which has every word in the English Language and it's Senyanese Translation.

Change Types

On 5 January 2011, The President decided to change the language back to Resqwerlandish, but under the name Senyanese.

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