Senator of New Havre

The Senator of New Havre is the representative of New Havre within the Faltrian Senate. The incumbent Senator of New Havre is Javier Martinez.

Senator of of New Havre
Flag of New Havre
Javier Martinez

sinceĀ 31 July 2021
Faltrian Senate
Term length6 months
First holderJustin Magdato

Senators of New Havre

No. Senator of New Havre Portrait Term start Term end Party affiliation Predecessor Successor
1 Justin Magdato N/A 9 June 2021 31 July 2021 Faltrian Social Nationalist Party Office established Javier Martinez
2 Javier Martinez N/A 31 July 2021 Incumbent Faltrian Republican Party Justin Magdato N/A