Seleucia ad Cilicia

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Seleucia ad Cilicia
—  Territory of Austenasia  —

Motto: "Roma Invicta!"
Established 19 September 2019
 - Governor Lord Dionisiy Tedzhan-Smahin, Duke of Lycaonia
 - Deputy Governor Lord Cagatay Altintaş, Baron of Seleucia ad Cilicia
 - Total 0.02543964 km2 (0 sq mi)
Population (2019)
 - Total 0
Time zone UTC+3 (FET)

Seleucia ad Cilicia is an Austenasian Territory bordering Turkey on all sides. It was established on 19 September 2019 after the landowner, Lord Dionisiy Tedzhan-Smahin, donated the territory to Austenasia.

The territory is situated near Silifke, a town which was known as Seleucia in antiquity, and is located within the ancient region of Cilicia. Due to this, as well as in reference to the Seleucid ancestry of the House of Austen, the territory was named Seleucia ad Cilicia.

Lord Tezdzhan-Smahin, who was appointed Governor of the territory upon its establishment by Parliament, has announced his intention to install solar panels in Seleucia ad Cilicia. These solar panels will produce renewable electricity which will be sold to the neighbouring country of Turkey, making Seleucia ad Cilicia one of the only areas of Austenasia to produce an export in this way.