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Sekhaian Republic
Flag of Sekhai
Emblem of Sekhai
Motto: Unity, Freedom, Diginity
Anthem: May the Feathers may Flock together
Location of the Sekhainese Republic
Location of the Sekhainese Republic
Location of Sekhai
CapitalFlag of Port Alexander.png Port Alexander
Largest cityFlag of Betsimisaraka.png Betsimisaraka
Official languages • English
 • Dutch Language
Ethnic groups43% White
22% African
12% Carribean
10% Arab
13% Other
Governmentunitary parliamentary republic
• President
Winand Ramautar (acting)
• Prime Minister
Shady Hosam Morsi
• Deputy Prime Minister
Esther Bor
LegislatureNational Shengo
• Established
3 June 2020
• Citizenship estimate
CurrencySekhainese Pound

Sekhai officaly known as the Sekhaian Republic is an unrecognized secessionist new country project Commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers, Located in Madagaskar and,. It shares a martime border with Madagaskar It was declared on 3 June 2020 by Shady Morsi as sucessor of the failed Parathurian Republic

The self-proclaimed state's activities are headed by the President ,and the Prime Minister, The Sekhainese Republic is not been recognized by any foreign country. Sekhai is the smallest African country in both population and land area With an average ground level elevation of 1.0 metres above sea level, it is the planet's lowest country It is also the country with the lowest natural highest point in the world,

Sekhai currently is a unitary parliamentary. The nation is inspired by the thoughts of Nelson Mandela and has managed to achieve relative social stability, With over 10 ethnic groups. Sekhai is one of the most multi-cultural micronations in the world By the international community, Sekhai is not recognised officially as a country although the government has maintained a desire to join the United Nations and the African Union.




A major battle took place at Diego-Suárez (now Antsiranana), the largest city in Antsiranana Province, in May 1942. "Fierce fighting" in the area saw over 500 Allied casualties. On May 29, Japanese submarine I-10 surfaced off the coast and launched a Nakajima A6M2-N reconnaissance aircraft over the port. Operation Ironclad was relaunched, after being stalled, on June 22 to counterattack, with supporting forces from the East African Brigade Group and later the Rhodesian 27th Infantry Brigade in July.


Sekhai during the Paruthian era

In 2020 Paruthia claimed Nosy Manomboy and established the Commonwealth of Sekhai and the Commonwealth of Betsimisaraka and the The Territory was formed on April 4 It had a seat in the Derskovian Senate Libertown was administered by the Derskovian State directly. A Commissioner is appointed to lead the daily government

The Territory had a full suite of laws, and legal and postal administrations

Independent Sekhai

Shortly after the chaotic dissolution of Paruthia, the msot citizens proclaimed the independence of Sekhai, Winard Raturmar was proclaimed as intrim president,Commonwealth of Betsimisaraka was annexed and the He renamed the main island "Sekhai", The founders of the micronation assert that the Madagascarian claim was illegal, because control of the region had actually defaulted to France in 1900, This interpretation of historic events is not supported by any mainstream historian.


Admainstrative divisions

Independent entities