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| leader4_name = Secretariat, Fatalitist Party  
| leader4_name = Secretariat, Fatalitist Party  
| leader5_title = Headquarters  
| leader5_title = Headquarters  
| leader5_name = S.D.F.P. High Command, Pavia
| leader5_name = F.S.D. General Command, Pavia

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Security Department
Military Governor and ChairmanChristian of Mont Fluery
General SecretaryKyle of Hesslin
Chief of StaffLandon of Trier
Parent AgencySecretariat, Fatalitist Party
HeadquartersF.S.D. General Command, Pavia
Founded19th April 2016

The Fatalitist Party Security Department is a so called paramilitary, that is use to protect major Fatalitist Party members.


The Security Department of the Party works directly under the Party Secretariat and it's Chief of Staff is appointed by the General Secretary with the advice of the Military governor who is also the Chairman of the party.